Best Valentine Day 2017 Gifts for Him

Confused about what to gift your special boy/man on this valentine? well, today I am here specially to do that. So let’s get down with it & show you what you can get for your special guy/man on this valentines day.

Few of things that you can gift your guy/man on this valentine:

Spirits Sampling Flight

Spirits Sampling Flight

Deal your recommended bourbon aficionado the experience of sampling a number of form of Scotch from the convenience of his sofa. This existing contains 3 little, 45 ml containers of Scottish whisky in addition to an easy-to-follow chart to aid him debunk the inclination accounts (Light or plentiful? Smoky or breakable?) of each.

Chambray + Antelope Publish Necktie


For the person that is simply starting to locate his specific style, this distinctive link is the suitable fit. Not too wild, nevertheless most not your routine navy. The front side is a gray chambray. On the various another hand, a crazy vintage antelope print.

How To Protect Pendrive With Password Without Any Software??

Location and also Woodlands Male’s Animal cleansing Establish

Ruin him from going to this Happy Valentines Day 2017. This luxe cleaning compilation comes overall quantity with 6 various fundamentals– antiperspirant, body spray, aftershave, pomade, beard balm, as well as soap– in improved, affordable aromas. The entire compilation is handcrafted in Wisconsin.

Valentine’s Day Brownie Bites


Miss the been-there, done that scrumptious chocolates for a decadent range of brownies. The bite-sized manage, covered in acquainted foodstuff packaging (a heart-shaped box, clearly), are each dipped in white or dark delightful chocolate together with cleansed with a level of sprays.

All-natural organic natural leather Covered Candle


This rustic leather-wrapped candle light, provided in 3 woodsy scents (cedarwood and patchouli, tobacco and also vanilla, along with sandalwood and lavender), will completely move him to a bonfire in the timbers– also if it’s merely in your living room. All he should do is close his eyes along with consuming.

Magnetic Bottlescrew

How normally do you hear, “where’s the container opener?” Position an end to the continuous search with a reasonable variation of that well-used bar tool. This is made from maple bourbon barrels, yet showcases a reputable magnet so it could encounter a long lasting house on the refrigerator.

Hammock Table

The only food that could probably make hammock relaxing a lot a lot more comfy? A table to hold off suitable along with it. This strong barn wood table consists of rope, so possibly suspended from a tree arm or leg, light beam, or ceiling. A split area ensures it’ll stand the test of time– furthermore outdoors.

Pocket Boom Box

Currently he can jam out any sort of kind of area he is– tailgating, outdoor camping, or just relaxing in the backyard. This pocket-sized sound audio speaker, made from recycled mint tins, makes sure a range of tunes is continually on align. Suits any type of kind of type of form of tool with a headset jack.

Brief-case Barbeque

Whether his specialty is cheeseburgers or ribs, this mobile grill will certainly get the job done– regardless of where he’s investing the day. The briefcase provided to disclose an absolutely functioning charcoal grill with adequate space to prepare for 2. Those bbq days just obtained a whole lot much a lot far much better.

Click here for more details

Consume Tank Growler

Not your usual growler, this vessel holds 64 ounces (over 5 containers of draft beers) of superb or cozy and comfy liquid– and preserves it ice cold (or piping warm and comfortable) for far more compared to 1 Day. A solid double-barreled chamber suggests no spills or leaks, similarly if he’s treking.

So these were few of the things that you can gift your man and I am sure they will be more than just happy seeing any of the above gifts. If you liked this article then leave a comment below and also share it with your friends.

Top 5 Beautiful Lock Screen App for Android Device

Lock Screen app: Owning an Android device or Phone, locking your screen is one of the most important things that you will need. You can save many file and data in your Phone or android device which are sensitive and you must want to keep is private. And as a phone is a common device, it can be used by any of your friends and colleagues. So for that reason, the manufacturer of the phone or android device always come with the default lock screen facilities.

But here, as we all knows the default inbuilt android lock system always resembles every device. And the manufacturer does not make any new design for the lock system and thus the look remains very uncoolly. Here in this article below, we are going to reveal some of the best ways by which you can easily get a very good looking lock screen system.

Lock Screen App

Top Beautiful Lock Screen App for Android Phone and devices

When you use any android device, you will come across with many tools and inbuilt system which you can never make changes according to your need. Particularly, about the Android Lock Screen system. So for that functions, users need to download a new lock screen app from the third party.

Well, it is also very clear that when you search for the Lock screen app on the internet you will find out lots of apps which might not be of your style. And thus if you are looking for the beautiful and awesome looking Lock Screen app, keep reading the below top 5 list of Lock screen App.

  1. Lock Screen & AppLock Security

Lock Screen & AppLock security is a very popular app for the lock screen. Here you will not only secure the lock screen of your device but also you can create a new and beautiful look screen theme. No matter what your current device look system is secured but you won’t get a desired theme for the look screen.

So here we go, this app is the best looking lock screen app. some of the features that you are getting in this app are like- Secured Lock system, Well-designed Wallpaper theme, DIY lock screen editor for a custom pattern or pin security, Easy notification etc.

Lock Screen App

  1. ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock Screen

ZUI locker app is also another lock screen app from our top list. Here you will find the best security lock facility along with the beautiful touch. When you lock the phone screen using this app, you will expose a beautiful looking theme or wallpaper in your background. This app have feature like Excellent UI for best-looking wallpaper or theme, Customization for making any change in the locking system as you can switch to pattern or pin or swipe methods, safe and secure: as your phone is tried to unlock by any strangers then the phone will automatically lock and can only be unlock using the user’s Email id and finally the utility- here in this app you can control the music player and other multimedia functions.

lock screen app

  1. Butterfly lock screen

When we discussing the good looking lock screen app, the Butterfly Lock screen app is one of the perfect choices for you. As there is a default theme and will be useful in both lock as well as wallpaper of your screen. And this app will help you to get the phone lock automatically without making any changes in your device setting. And some of the best and unique features of this app are like- it supports pin password or pattern lock for lock security in your phone. It also let you customize your own unlock text, device name and operator name which will be displayed on the screen. And most importantly many wallpapers of different choice are available in the apps.

lock screen app

  1. AppLock – Lock Screen

This is another best featured app for lock screen security along with beautiful and creative looks. Some of the feature of this app are like-App Lock, PIP Lock Screen, DIY Locker, Pattern Locker, HD Wallpapers, Quick Launch Apps, Phone boost, Lock Screen Plugin. And under the plugins you can set or watch the Weather, Calendar and Classic Game.

lock screen app

  1. Vault

The Vault is the lock screen app which you can get all the security locking system and also you can particularly hide and lock any file of your phone. This is a very good lock screen app, which you can use the pin security system on any file or apps you want on your phone. The features of this app include- hide & protect photo, videos and SMS, contacts & call log protection, private browser, cloud backups, Data transfer and password recovery.

Lock Screen App

How to Download the Lock Screen App in your Phone or Android device

To download the Lock Screen app in your phone is very easy. We all have the play store app on our Android phone and using this app store for android, you can easily download it. But there is also another alternative way for downloading these apps.

Easy ways to download the Lock Screen App are as follows-

  1. Go to the PlayStore App in your phone
  2. Type and Search for the App which is discussed above
  3. Now click on Install button shown on the screen and wait to get download and install. This process might take a few minutes depending on your internet speed.
  4. Voila! your download is complete and starts using the app on your phone.

Note: you can also try the other way to download and install the Lock screen app using the Apk file. Go to the Google search for the official Apk format for the app and download it.


So these are the list of top Lock screen app which you must have one in your phone. As discussed above, all these apps is for locking the screen but here you are getting more awesome features and security. Once installed, just keep it update which will help you unlock more features and function. Hope you find this article useful, we are hoping your point of view and comments. And also keep visiting our site for more interesting fact and ideas about the latest trends for apps and android device.

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Top 5 Facebook Video Downloader For Android Free

Facebook is one of the best and biggest social media platform at present. Millions of people are currently using Facebook and sharing their motivational status, news, photos, videos etc. The thing is lots of Facebook users are sharing unique and necessary videos on Facebook, but the thing is you can’t download that videos from Facebook or you don’t know the process to download it. You may be familiar with YouTube which is also the huge platform to watch videos, movies, TV Shows and many more. You can download the YouTube Videos by YouTube video downloaders such as, WoloTube, Catchvideo, Keepvid, Vidmate etc. But, what about Facebook Videos? Well, you won’t need to worry at all, Because I’m going to give you the solution or process to download the Facebook video free.Facebook Video Downloader

There are hundreds of Facebook video downloader sites out there in the internet world, but most of them are useless or never work properly. But as I said, you’ll get here best Facebook video downloader by which you can download all the Facebook videos. All you need to do is to follow the steps and visit the websites below to download the Facebook videos.

Here Are Some Best 5 Facebook Video Downloader For Android:

1. video downloader is the best Facebook video downloader which you can try out. It’s a very easy to use and simple to understand. All need to do is to copy link or URL address of Facebook videos, then paste it on the search box or “Just Insert a link” of Visit here to download videos from Facebook. Still, if you don’t get it, then visit the given above site and you’ll see the webpage of Just scroll down the webpage, you’ll get three options there and just click on the “How to use?”. So, that you could understand properly.You can even choose the quality of Facebook videos or 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p etc

2. is another finest Facebook videos downloader site. It’s also way too easy to use it, go to site, then you’ll see the webpage of You’ll see the download bar box or “Enter Facebook Video URL code or link address”. Now, log in to your Facebook account and choose the URL address of the videos, then paste it on the download bar. After that choose the video’s file format you want to watch. Once, the download process is complete, watch and enjoy your Facebook video


You can go with this downloader site which is call Filevid downloader. All the methods are same process. Go to your Facebook account, Copy the URL Address of video and paste it on the Filevid download bar. Click on the download button, choose the video file format you want to watch. Visit here to try out this website


This one is the unique and fabulous Facebook downloader among the others. Copy the URL address and paste it on the download box bar. You can choose the quality of the Facebook video including Mp3 format option. Visit here to try out this Facebook video downloader website


If you don’t satisfy with the other Facebook Video downloader, then you can go for downloader. You can even download the Mp3 file format only. All you need to do is to copy the URL link address and paste it on the download bar. If you want to download the video file format, then choose the quality of the video or if you want to listen the music only, just tap on the Mp3 button. At last, click on the download button.

These are some best 5 Facebook video downloaders you can try out. These downloaders are very easy to understand and simple to use it. All the given above downloaders are quite similar to download the Facebook videos. You can even download only Mp3 format. All you need to do is to try any one among those Facebook Video downloaders. Please let me know your opinion by commenting on the box below.


Ways To Make Your Computer Faster Within 10 Minute

Most of us are using a computer; some use it for personal use and others for official purposes. Wherever we will go, we will notice people do everything on their computer. Gone are those days when people used to keep all the records in black and white. We use the computer so that we can save our time and can maintain everything properly. But when the computer becomes slow it causes many problems. So we need to keep our computer upgraded so that it work smoothly and it can do things properly.

Speed Up the Computer

A computer lags for various reasons; if we don’t analyse and solve these little problems it makes the computer slow. As I said earlier we use the computer to save our time, if our computer becomes slow and takes so much of our time then what is the use of using a computer? But if we want to make computer faster then we can do it easily and by ourselves. All we need is to know the ways how to do it and in this article, I am going to discuss some of the tricks and ways to make your computer faster. You can make computer faster by following the mentioned ways below.

Uninstall All The Unnecessary Programs And Make Computer Faster

Make Computer FasterMost of the install software whatever we get and sometimes our computer comes with many pre-loaded programs which we never use and sometimes we don’t even know that this software exists on our computer. Many programs are there which runs in the background even when we are not using them, which lags our system so better if we uninstall all the unused programs.

To remove or uninstall the programs we need to open control panel. Then we need to go to program and feature section and there we will see the list of all the installed software. From there we can uninstall the programs which we don’t need but while uninstalling the programs we must be careful because many programs are there which our computer’s hardware needs. If you are confused about which programs to keep and which program to uninstall then can install PC Decrapifier which will suggest you which program to keep and which one to remove. Once you will remove the unnecessary and unused programs, your PC will run smoothly.

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Check the Hard disk space

Make Faster Your ComputerTo check the space available on your hard drive, you need to go to my computer first, then right click on the local drive and then check properties. When you will click properties it will show you the used space and the available space. You always need to keep at least 15% of the hard disk space free so that the computer can run smoothly. If the available space less than that then the system becomes slow. So if the drive is almost full then you should delete some of the files so that the system runs smoothly and quickly. If you can’t delete the files then better you get an external hard drive and move your files there and make computer faster.

Check for viruses

how to make your computer faster windows 10If you are not using antivirus software then you must get one as soon as possible. If you can’t afford an original version then you can download any free antivirus from the web.  And you need to run your antivirus scan regularly. Viruses not only slow down your computer but cause data loss too. And if you are an existing antivirus user then make sure your antivirus is up to date. Not only antivirus, you must keep a malware removal suite too, normally it comes inbuilt with windows but if it is not good enough then you should switch to a new malware program. If you run a scan on a regular basis it will help to keep your computer safe and clean and will make computer faster.

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Get more RAM

RAM is basically the temporary storage memory which our computer uses when different programs execute different tasks. If you use more programs or big programs and if you don’t have enough RAM then your system becomes slow. Though 4 GB RAM is enough for any system but depending on your work, you must upgrade your RAM accordingly. If you are using a desktop then you won’t face many problems but if you are using a laptop then you may face some problem as you can’t upgrade the RAM in all the laptops. If the usage is high then you can faster your computer by upgrading the RAM.

Change the power plan

Change the power planChanging the power plan sometimes helps to run the computer faster. To change the power plan first you need to go to control panel and then you have to select power options. When you will click power options it will show you three power plan and you need to select the high performance from these three. Once you will select high performance it will increase the performance and speed of your computer and will make computer faster than before. This trick is useful for desktop users but if you are using a laptop and you are not connected to power then it will drain your battery very fast.

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Final Words:

A slow computer is very irritating to use also because even after clicking any program you need to wait. If the computer you use in your workplace is slow then it may hamper your work.  No one likes to work on a slow computer that is why we need a fast computer. And we can make our computer run fast by following the above-mentioned ways. I think this article will help you to make computer faster than before.

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How to learn Android Development while sitting at home

Android is an open source and Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android is an open source programming language. It is designed for a mobile handset which runs Linux operating system. If you want to learn android development by yourself, then you have gathered some knowledge about Object Oriented Programming. You can also use edureka coupons to get huge discount on edureka learning site.

 android development

Object Oriented Programming is the base of a maximum programming language like C#, Java, Php, etc. If you have a good idea of any object oriented programming language, then you can grab this very easily. Android development language is basically JAVA language.

So, it is very essential to gather knowledge about Core Java and something about J2EE. Android programming is same as a java program. If you don’t know Java, then you have learned it first. It is perquisites to learn java before you goanna to develop an Android app. In this article, I will provide all perquisites and steps to learn Android Development while sitting at home.

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You can start your Android programming or Android development on any of the below operating system-

Select any above operating system on which you are familiar. Now you have to choose tools or softwares to start your first Android Program. You have to install any softwares that I listed below.

  • Latest version of JDK.
  • Android Studio.
  • Eclipse IDE.
  • Netbeans
  • IntelliJIDEA

Steps to learn Android Development while sitting at home

  1. Setup Java development kit

Install JDK and set a path of java home variables to folder java and javac. Then add two lines in C:\autoexec.bat file.

Set PATH=C:\jdk1.6.0_15\bin;%PATH%
Set JAVA_HOME=C:\jdk1.6.0_15

  1. Configure Android SDK

After you have successfully installed Android SDK you have to configure. During installation, you have to deselect Samples for SDK packages. It is optional. It is just to minimize installation time. To continue installation you have to click install 7 packages.

  1. Configure Eclipse IDE

Install Eclipse IDE. To do Android program, you have to install a plugin. Just click on Help tab. Then click on Softwares update followed by Install new software. Then click on OK, it will show all available plugin. Select all plugin.

  1. Create Virtual Android device

This is the last step. Launch Eclipse, click on Window and then on AVD manager. Finally, click on NEW to create virtual Android device successfully.

After following above steps, you can able to start your first Android program in Eclipse. As I have said earlier, you have to be familiar with Java program. Here for Android development, you have to write Java program. To make your App beautiful, you need to have some knowledge about User Interface. This article is all about the procedure to start and to learn Android Development while sitting at home.

Android programming is vast its require lots of patience and dedication. To learn a new programming it needs some time. Remember whatever the programming language is, the basic fundamental always remain same. It is recommended to follow one book of android tutorial of your favorite writer. If this article seems helpful, then please share it on the social network and if you have any query then feel free to share with me in the below comment box.

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How To Activate Internet Banking In SBI? – Your Question Answered

If you are an SBI bank account holder and looking for the Internet banking Activation. I can say that you are in a right place. Here in this page, you will find the step by step method to activate your SBI internet banking facility without any difficulties. You might not know that there are many several ways that you can use to activate the internet Banking. Like, by visiting the branch and filling the form to register the internet banking, or you can also activate your internet banking directly using your PCs and laptops through online without going to the branch. And today here I will mention the steps to activate the internet banking through online using your PCs or laptops. But at first, let us discuss about why we should use the internet banking?


Why we should use the internet Banking/online banking?

Internet banking/Online banking is very beneficial; in this generation by using the facility of online banking you can save lots of time and money. The Internet never sleeps; by using the online banking you can take advantage of 24-hour banking facility. With the help of internet banking now you can check your balance, and savings, deposits, transactions and many more options at any time simply from your computer or laptops, you can easily pay your bills and payments simply sitting from your home and you can now also deposit your checks using online internet banking. There are countless numbers of benefits for using the internet banking. Which you’ll know once you start the internet Banking.

Activate your SBI internet banking using your ATM

If you want to activate your internet banking simply sitting in your home without going to the branch .you can follow the step by step method mentioned below. You’ll only need an ATM card and a device with internet connection on it.

Step1.  First of all, you have to go to the website which is an official internet banking website of SBI (state Bank of India). Make sure that the address protocol has the “s” in the https.Look at the highlighted Area in the image given above. After that let the pages open fully.

Step2. Once the page opened you will find that there is a button named as Login, you have to click on that login button and proceed to the further section.

Step3. Now another option will be displayed as continue to login as soon as the page opens. Click on that button showed as Continue to login. As soon as you click on that button you will be directed to the main login page.

Step4. There you will find a field for putting the Username and password. If you have the username and password which you might get it from the kit given by the Bank itself while opening the Bank Account. And if you don’t have the username or password or kits, you can directly click on the option named as New User? Register here to register for the internet banking. Once you click the option. There will be a pop-up asking for whether you have the kit or not. Just click on the ok button in the pop-up page.

Step5. As soon as you click on the ok button of the pop-up page, the new page in a new tab will be displayed; there you will found many options. You have to fill the entire blank box by giving the appropriate details of yours. You will find all the details in your passbook, like account number, CIF number, Branch Code etc. Once filling up the details just click on the Submit button which is located in the downside of the page.

Step6.As soon as you click on the submit button, an OTP code will be sent to your Phone number which you have just submitted, you have to type the code in the box which will be showed once you click on that submit button. After typing the codes just click on the Confirm button to confirm that this is your number and you are operating it.

Step7.As soon as you confirm OTP, the new page will be displayed. There you will see two options, select the option written as I have my ATM card and then click on the Submit button.

Step8.After that you have to create a transaction of one rupee for that you’ll have to enter the details of your ATM card in the Boxes given their, such as card number, expiry dates, Card holders name, your secret ATM pin Code, and lastly the codes which will be displayed on downside of your page, once you filled all the details, just click on the submit button. Once you clicked on the submit button another page will be displayed, there you’ll again have to click on the pay button which will be displayed on the downside of the page.

Step9.After that the transaction will start processing, it will take just a few milliseconds, just don’t click any button while the transactions are processing. Next, another page will be open once the processing completed, there you will find your username for internet banking, memorize the username or note it in your notebook for future use. On that page you will see two boxes, you have to create your new login password by entering in the boxes and submitting it, you’ll have to remember the password as you will need it later again to login to your account for internet banking.

Once the registration completed successfully the pages like above image will be displayed, once you successfully registered in Internet banking the facility will be activated after 30 minutes after the first-time login.


Well, these are the steps, I hope you liked it. If you have any doubts or confusion regarding this article, you can comment us; our team will try to solve it as soon as possible, and also your comments will be highly appreciated. And lastly, thank you for reading this article, hope this article helped you.

Download SMS Backup And Restore App For Android! Restore Your Deleted SMSs

In this present world, where everybody is using the mobiles or phones to save important information, you cannot simply afford to get all the messages and SMS deleted from your phone. It is the time when you will need to backup and Restore SMS of your mobile.SMS Backup And Restore App

Sometimes, you may mistakenly press the delete button and find that the most important SMS is deleted. You may also have faced the problem with unable to restore SMSs in your new phone. If, You faced this types of problem,Well, I think I do have the solutions for you. Download SMS Backup And Restore Apps and get all the deleted SMSs free.

There is always a way to find out the solution to everyone’s problem. Andriod users are very fortunate to all the facilities you get with your phone. You just need to download the SMS backup and restore app to your phone to get yourself relief from this problem.restore sms

I would also like to give you some of the features of this app. It will help you to understand more about the app. You will also be able to use this app more comfortable after going through the features.

Features of SMS Backup And Restore app

  • XML format for SMS backup
  • Automatic restore
  • Moves the messages and without difficulty from one phone to another.
  • It chooses the conversations to be restored.
  • It also sends the backup message through Emails.
  • It also transforms the XML file to another format.restore sms app

There is no pre-installed app in our smartphones which helps us to take backups of our SMS. So we need to download some apps so that we can backup and restore all our SMS in an easy way. In this article, I am going to discuss about the top 5 SMS backup and restore apps by which you can backup and restore all your text messages.

The names and features of the SMS backup and restore apps are given below

  1. SMS Recoverysms recovery

This is the only app available in the market by which you can restore your deleted messages directly from your phone. The standard recovery is always possible from the integrated backup system but seep recovery is only possible if you root your phone. With the help of this app, you can recover all the accidentally deleted texts from your phone database directly in the phone database folder and no PC is required for that. Once you will restore the messages, they will be restored with original date and time. This app is available in the app store but it is not free. You need to spend only 170 rupees to get this app and the money is worth spending.

  1. SMS & Call log backupSMS & Call log backup

You can backup not only your text messages but your call log with the help of this app. this app comes for free and available in Google Play Store. One of the great thing about this app is this is an ad-free app. you can backup all your SMS and call log directly to dropbox , Google Drive or in external SD card and can restore them whenever you want. While restoring the files it will be downloaded in XML format and will be archived to a zip file so that you can extract and restore them easily. This is a great app.

  1. SMS backupSMS backup

This is another great app developed by Tacotty App. this is a free app and available in Google Play Store. If you want to keep your messages private from others, want to repair or change your device or to format and reinstall your phone then this is the best app you are looking for. This app helps you to take a backup of all your SMS on your external SD Card or in your email so that you can easily reinstall them. First, you need to backup all your SMS and then you can restore them by a single click. This app is very user-friendly too.

  1. Super Backup and Restore4.Super Backup and Restore

This is the best android app to backup and restores your SMS on your phone. The reason I said this is best because only in this app you will be able to back up not only all your SMS but your call log and apps too. But the get all the features of this app you need to root your phone. By using this app you can backup all your SMS and call log on your external SD card and can back up the Google Play links of installed apps. This app takes a regular automatic backup of all your data. If you lost your data you can easily restore them with the help of this app. this app is available in Google play Store for free.

  1. SMS Backup+SMS Backup+

This is another app which you can use to backup and restore your SMS. This app automatically backups all yours SMS, MMS and the call log using a separate label in Gmail. But to take backup first you need to enable your IMAP in Gmail. When you will install this app, choose phone memory as the app might not work properly if it is installed in SD card. Once you take backups of all your SMS, you can restore them whenever you want. This app comes for free and it is available in Google Play Store.

To download all this apps you just need to follow the simple steps given below.

  • Open the Google Drive
  • Type the name of the app
  • Click on the install button.

This is all you have to do to download these apps.

There are also others ways to restore and backup the deleted messages on your Android phone. I would also like to mention those steps for you.

  • Move the messages to the memory card

This is a good way of restoring your messages to your new phone. You just need to go to the ‘Menu’ and then click on to ‘Messages’. Select the messages you want to transfer to your memory card. Now, when you insert the memory card to your new phone, you will get back all your messages saved in there.

  • Android data recovery

This data as mentioned above has powerful features. The android users can choose the convenient operation because it supports various types of data. Follow the steps above to download the app and enjoy its features.

  • Android transfer

This is another great way to delete and restore all the deleted messages, videos and photos.

Final verdict:

The above-mentioned ways are perhaps the best way to restore SMS and pictures. You just need to follow the above mentioned simple steps to get back your messages. The best would be downloading the Sms backup and restore app to your android phone and have the privilege of enjoying your old messages and SMSs.

Flickr App|An Excellent Photography And Video App

Flickr is an image and video hosting website through which its users can host different images and videos which they like too, it is certainly the best photo management and sharing application in the world. This amazing image hosting and video hosting website is launched in the year 2004 in the month of February by a talented guy Ludicrop and became the most trusted image and video hosting website among the users. It also has an app,named Flickr app.Flickr app

Flickr enable us to share different photos and videos of our different moment of our life, as some photo and videos mean a lot to our life because some photos and videos related with our special fellings of our past, also some photos and videos are personal to us and we might like to share those kinds of photos and videos only with few of our contacts, for this particular issue the developer of Flickr app had developed it excellently enabling it to secure lots of photos and videos within it.

The interesting thing about Flickr is it also enables its users to give the permission to any of its contacts to organize its stuff not only for commenting but also for notes and tags. Here within this article, we will know more about this awesome photography and videos app.

Flickr app for android devices:

Flickr just works excellently with android devices; it has got various features for a good photography within it. The Flickr photo app for android had a slick interference, photo editing tools, and filter for all-in-one photo experience wherever you photo

But t it might not be social enough to beat out the competition. Shooting with Flickr on android devices is just too good, as it is very quick in shooting new photos and uploading new videos through it. During the shooting period of pictures or images with these apps, a small camera appears in the upper right Conner of above just every single screen in the app. Flickr also provide a robust slate of photo editing tools which make the Flickr complete photography apps, it also helps you to upload different photos and videos for you all also allows its users to selected multiple photos for uploading.

Advantages of using Flickr photo app:flickr app for android

Using Flickr you would get must more advantage in your picture or images as it has got various features within it, using it you can bring much more attraction to your pictures, also you can get much speed in shooting your pictures than ever before which will save your time, as it helps you in saving your you would able to shoots more images within it in a short period of time. These are the advantage of using Flickr.

In my view Flickr app  is the most excellent Photos and videos hosting app through which you can host different photos and videos which you capture through this excellent device, using Flickr you would also be able to share and secure lots of amazing videos and images to your parents and all of your contacts according to your desire. So if you are a person who likes to share your videos and images with your friends you can obtusely use Flickr right from today and believe you would not fell like anything after using the amazing app for hosting your videos and images.

Best 3 Instagram Alternatives: Best photo editor apps

Instagram are one of the most popular apps which millions of people are looking for. This app will really fulfil the desire of the people who are looking for something fresh and new for their photography skills. Instagram really brings the attraction to your picture quality. You can really bring a good and fresh clear looking picture using Instagram. But now the experts are bringing some more Instagram Alternatives app which can bring better beautiful good looking picture to your photograph.  

Instagram Alternatives

These Alternatives are usually more powerful than Instagram,these alternatives really brings a professional look to your picture quality. Below we will mention about the few Instagram alternatives app.

Here we go for some Instagram Alternatives:


Flickr is the one of the best Instagram alternatives apps. It provides you with lots of features which you might not find in any other photography app. Flickers offers you 1000 GB (1 TB) of cloud storage for free which make it totally different from other photography app. There are hundreds of different filters that you apply on your photograph using this app you can also crop your photos and share the picture which is created and designed by you with all of the people who love to use Flickr to design their picture. Not only that Flickr lets took you to tweak your photos and has got lots of space to store your photos and videos on it.

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  1. PicsArt Photo Studio: picsart

PicsArt is another photography app where everyone shows their talent and shares their creative Masterpieces. This app has got hundred of different features to edit your photos, which one of the best photography app available in the market. Using this app you can share your various creative works which you like too, through your Whatsapp, facebook, twitter and even more. It has got a powerful drawing feature set which will let you brings the most beautiful artistic touches on your photograph.

  1. Pixlr:pixlr

Of course, Pixlr also provides better features of picture quality to your photograph than other Alternatives app. This photography app offers a wide range of different features for your photograph. It gives you easily fine tune of any image with just a few tap on your phone .The best thing of this app is allow  you to apply all the effects on your photo at the right time. In this app, Auto-Fix features handles all things for you which gives your photo a sharp look without letting you any manual work at all. It is totally a good photography app which really can bring you the best photograph by using it.

The above mentioned are some of the best alternatives to Instagram which really will provide you with better picture quality than Instagram. These alternatives have got different features within them which can bring the most beautiful good looking pictures for you.

Final Verdict:

So in my opinion, you should try using these few Instagram alternatives app, and I hope it will really fulfil your desire on the photograph as well as you will enjoy designing your photo with these few alternatives app to Instagram.So what are you thinking start using these app to bring more attraction to your photo right from today, it will really fulfil your desire.

Download free Subway Surfer Hack Tool for All PC/Android

Subway Surfer Hack Tool: Find the latest updated Subway Surfer Hack Tool for using on your Android and iOS devices. And all this Hack Tool of your Subway Surfer Game will Come for free of Cost. Continue reading our article till the end to Download Subway Surfer hack Tool for free.

Subway Surfer is one of the most popular games today which can be found on almost every Android or other smart devices including tablets. The main problem we face while playing this game is that we get lesser keys to surviving in the game. If we try to get more keys in the game we are asked to pay and get more keys for the game.

Now, I am going to share you very easy and simple method to get unlimited keys and coins via the Subway surfer hack method. Once you use our Subway Surfers hack Method to get unlimited coins and keys you will be able to use unlimited keys in the game and keep playing the game as much as you want without any interruption.Subway Surfer Hack

As you know, normally Subway Surfer is available on Android devices. But by using “BlueStacks”, you can install it on your PC. So, if you want to hack this game then you should do this for both Android and PC. Actually, both methods are same but one platform is for the exact android and another is the virtual Android platform.

Facts about Subway Surfer Hack:

Subway surfer is one of the most popular Android game, which is been played by all of us since 2012. This is quite similar to the game TEMPLE RUN with lot more fun and features added into the game, in this game we have to not only run the avatar i.e. Jack, the default subway surfer character, keeping safe, collecting bonus, coins and mystery boxes, which will give you key in return to reach up to the next level and other rewards.

Now-a-day’s Android is the leading mobile operating system globally. The reason behind its growth is continuous expanding and adding great, brand new levels and features. There are many online and offline games available on Android but among all of them, one of the famous, easy and trending game is Subway Surfer. As we know this game is very popular in the Android Play Store and also there are many hacking tricks and cheat codes available for cracking this game. In the next part of that article, I will mention about its hacking technique and how to use this tool on your device?Subway Surfer

With the time, Subway Surfer developers are trying to update this game with new features and attractive new characters. In this article, we will show you how to use this updated tool.

Features of subway surfer hack tool:

If you are a regular player of Subway Surfer and always trying to hack this game by using different cheat code and techniques, then I think you should know why you are doing this and what are the main advantages behind that?Subway Surfer Hack Tool

So, in case if you don’t know anything about its features, then see this:

  • Get unlimited Coins: These hacking tools will help you to get the unlimited coins for further uses. Actually, these software can hack your game. If you are a new in the Subway Surfer game and want more and more coins for upgrade purpose in Subway surfer game. Then the following technique will help you to do it.
  • Obtain endless Keys: You can access to the unlimited and endless key to unlock your subway surfer’s next level.
  • Get unrestricted Power-Ups: By using these tools you will have a full administrative access to use and can able to change anything.
  • Open all personalities: In subway surfer game there are many personalities and characters are available which is very difficult to unlock, but using these tools you can easily unlock these character for more enjoyment.
  • Get all the outfits and supportable device:  Also you can access to all outfits of Subway Surfer and the main thing is that this hack tool is supported on both Root and non-root devices (Android version).
  • User-friendly interface and free virus protection: In the case of user-friendly interface part, these tools are totally easy for user interface and totally virus free which means there is fear for the external potential attack in your device.
  • Get the greatest score: As I told you, you can hack subway surfer with these tools, so you can make a new record and able to make a great score.

Here is all the features mention of this subway surfer hacking tool.

Why should you use Subway surfer hack tool?

The answer to this question as simple as you can ask. Actually, if you are a regular player of this subway surfer game, then you know better what I said. So, if you start playing this subway surfer than you should realize that you need more coins and other important equipment to upgrade your game from previous to next level.

But, normally you can’t do this at your real time. If you use Subway surfer hack tool then you can easily do it in a short time. This is the reason that’s why you should use subway Surfer hack tool.Subway Surfer Download

Benefits of Subway Surfer Hack tool:

This Subway Surfers Mod APK makes it possible that you can generally obtain an endless volume of free Coins as well as Keys relating to Subway Surfers within a little bit quantity of time and also little effort. If you desire to receive even more Coins as well as Keys for Subway Surfers then Download subway surfers hack tool and many cheats.

The players of subway surfer will know how essential the coins unlock the new level and mystery boxes are. Once you start playing the game, you will come to know the use of collecting the coins and key in the game. This is the reason why hack tools to be used. Where you will get unlimited free coins and also able to get trick and tips to play the game.

As the gamers start playing this game, they immediately realize that compiling a number of keys as well as coins will be quite useful. Therefore, this hack as well as the cheat is very important, players will certainly be able to gather and also have those items which are not easily reached by different other users of Subway surfer. This hack, as well as the cheat, will permit the gamers to obtain limitless coins. In addition, players will have the ability to obtain suggestions and also methods in order play this game like an expert player.

Steps to Download Subway Surfer Hack for unlimited cheats:

There are many new methods available for hacking this Subway Surfer game. But today I will show you how you can do this in a very short this with an easy technique. So, here are the processes that you need to follow.

  1. It is really simple to download and install this hack as well as cheat tool. At first, Gamers simply have to uninstall and even remove their previous version of this subway surfer game. After doing so, they have to install their recommended APK subway surfer from the offered link.
  1. After that, install this downloaded in APK style while installing this .apk on their personal device/COMPUTER. Furthermore, all the subway surfer games can also download it directly to their cell phone. This APK will certainly offer them the entire configuration of their application.
  1. Now go to your downloaded folder and find that downloaded app and click on that downloaded file then install it. Now conveniently use this hack and also cheat APK and also break out infinite coins as well as keys. You can also recover your earlier Stats by merely logging right into subway surfer by using your Facebook account.
  1. It is advisable to thoroughly comply with all the above-mentioned installation steps in order to access the limitless attributes of Subway Surfers Online game.
  1. Generally, this game urges the gamers to run plus collect keys and also coins in order to make high ratings and also unlock extremely high grades.

Here is the downloading method which will help you to download Subway Surfer hack with step by step process.

Now you can directly download lots coins and cheats by  clicking on the download link below:


Final Verdicts:

Overall the subway surfer hack will allow you to enjoy the game with endless keys in your hand. This game enjoyed by millions of people around the world and is still counted among the top games in the world. Hope, you could download the Subway Surfer hack tool for unlimited cheats. If you find any difficulties in completing the process as mentioned above kindly comment below.

Download WiFi File Transfer Pro Android/PC

While most of people’s choices are Shareit and Xender for personal sharing files, Wifi File Transfer brags of most credits in professional and office works. However, this file transfer app is equally convenient in personal usage as well. Wifi file transfer pro is certainly an efficient tool, especially for wireless file transfer on multiple PC computers or phones.

wireless file transfer

There is also free version of Wifi file transfer available. But the free one comes with limited feature and is unable to transfer more than 5MB at once. So, it is better to get the paid version as it cots Rs. 59 only.


Wifi File Transfer Pro : Features and Needs

Now, if you are looking for a tool which lets you to share files anywhere and anytime with no network connection, this is not the thing you may try. Well, we require different things for different purposes. So, it won’t be wise if you compare Wifi file transfer pro with other widely used file sharing apps such Xender and Shareit.

Wifi File Transfer pro

While other file sharing apps works too handy for personal usage; Wifi file transfer pro on other hand can be used in both personal and office fields. The app lets you to transfer multiple files of various sizes with multiple dives at once. Supports on Smartphone, Tab, and Laptops; you can get your sharing work done whenever required in ease.

Here is one important thing to keep in mind; this app can be useful only when your devices are connected under same Wifi network. While connecting your devices, you will be asked for IP address of the Local Area Network (LAN).


The key features of this wireless file transfer medium can be listed out in the below given manner.

1: Upload and download several files at the same time.

2: Using Google Chrome browser, it allows uploading an entire folder structure.

3: The app allows copying, renaming, deleting, zipping and unzipping files.

4: The app is compatible with Windows PC, iMac, Linux etc.

5: Password authenticable.

6: Get in to various directories like video, music and photos through shortcuts.

7: You can view your photos of your phone device directly from web browser.

8: Set and Autostart when connected with LAN.

9: The service works even in the hotspot mode.


How to Install and Connect with Wifi

Downloading and installation of Wifi file transfer pro can be done within a minute. Visit to the Google Play App Store and search for the app. For free version, proceed with tapping “Install” button and then “Accept”. Once the app is successfully installed, you can find it in the app drawer of your phone or in the Home screen. For, you will need to pay for it. Tap on the button that show the price of it, and then choose your paying methods and so on.

file transfer

Once the app is launched, begin with your sharing thing with the following instruction.             Reminding you once again, make sure that your devices are connected within the same Wifi network before you begin to transfer.

Step 1: After confirming the Wifi connection, open your Wifi file transfer app. Now hit the “Start” button in its window.

Step 2: Once the Start button is tapped, it will provide an IP address and port which connects with computer browser. Thus, a web interface will appear on your desktop which indicates the final connection of your phone and PC.


How to Transfer files?

PC to Phone: Once the Wifi File Transfer web page is opened, click on the “Select Files” button. Navigate your desired file through the file manager and click on it. Now click on “Start upload” option and wait until it’s completely uploaded.

Phone to PC: From the desktop browser, locate your desired files and select them. Now, click on the “Download” alternative. You can individually select the files or in zipped mode for downloading.

Download Media: Downloading media files are even easier. Simply click on the tab of Media gallery and select your files. Finally click to “Download”.


In this process mentioned above, you can transfer everything you wish. Wifi File Transfer Pro provides you the best you can get. And trust me; the bucks you have spent on this wireless file transfer app won’t go in vain. In fact, you may earn more than what you have spent with Wifi File Transfer Pro. Stay connected. 🙂

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Game Optimizer : Optimize Windows PC for Gaming

Computer hardware is most likely to get outdated for new Windows games within an unexpected period of time. It is certainly not a good option to set up a brand new gaming hardware for all the new games we want to play. Your outdated graphics card or messed up PC hard drive won’t be just enough to have fun of those mind blowing Gameplays.

game optimizer

Of course some games out there are only playable with high set up configuration. Apart from this fact, sometimes we face a serious issue of slowing down our PC performance, ruining all the fun of playing game.
Game optimizer software may pop-up into your mind; hold on, there are also some other options through which you can boost up your PC performance for gaming.

Easy Game Optimizer Tips For Windows PC

You may have a good collection of games, and want to play them all without new set ups. However, your outdated personal computer may face some interruptions while playing games, but these issues can be thrown out with some yet effective steps.

Yes, again I am suggesting here, you don’t need to use any additional game optimizer software. All you have to do is, keeping a good maintenance of your computer system and make use of other possible ways. Below here are the ways how would you make your own game optimizer in your PC.

Optimize Windows PC with Regular Maintenance

Every machinery thing we use need to be maintained carefully. Maintenance is necessary for computer system as well in order to keep running it smooth. But, some lazy heads are out there who just neglects it without thinking realizing its consequences.

Keep Space in Hard Drive

We keep storing many things in our hard drives not only because we need all of them, sometimes we just do it for lacking of courage to separate the useful ones from all. This is the story of every personal computer users. If your computer hard disk partitions indicate maximum usage of its space with red colour on it, there is no myth why your computer is performing slowly.


The best thing could do in this case is to clear up all those unnecessary files and folders those might have eaten up over 50% of your hard disk. Take your time, be patient, identify and delete all the useless stored from your computer.

Disk Defragmenting

Some file such as USB flash drives can be fragmented and there more those can be fragmented over your computer hard disk. These fragmentations may lead your system to work with unnecessary extra loads. Thus, your computer gets slowing down.
By default, Disk Defragmentation runs in your PC on a pre-set schedule. However, you can analyze manually and defragment your hard disk.

game optimizer

To get into Disk Defragmenter-
• Navigate through ‘Start’ menu.
• Then ‘All programs’.
• Click on System tools.
• Finally Disk Defragmenter.

Installed Unnecessary Applications

The story of installed unnecessary application is similar to the hard drive’s one. Matter of fact, there are many applications installed in your computer which are rarely get to use. You might unnotice their presence in your PC but they are just enough to slow down your system performance. So, navigate to your Control Panel, target those useless applications and proceed to uninstall them.

Customizing Graphics Card Driver

Graphics card plays an important rule in providing you a good gaming experience on PC computers. Now, if you have bought a new graphics card with better configuration, you will also need to update your card driver. For any issues with graphics cards customizing graphics driver is a way to go. Custom graphics driver can play as game optimizer in your PC. `

game optimizer in your


These are the few ways trough which can boost up your system performance for better gaming experiences. If you have any other idea on game optimizer, you are free to share with our readers.

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Clash Royale for iOS- A Successful Launch

Clash Royale for iOS : With the release of Clash of Clans, SuperCell has been leading the list of Real-time Strategy games for phone/tabs. But they didn’t just stop there, they have created yet another historical moment on 4th January 2016 with the release of “Clash Royale” ( Launched in Canada) & was later globally launched on 2nd March 2016. A game that is definitely going to change the world of strategy gaming forever.

Clash Royale for iOS

Supporting his big brother  “Clash of Clans” with One-On-One arena battles which were long waited by many players. This made a huge impact on the mind and heart of people who played the game even once, as this game offered them with a whole different level of strategy gaming.

With over 500,000+ downloads just within 12hrs of release, Clash Royale has made a new world record for the highest downloads of a strategy game(for Phone/tab).

Clash Royale for iOS: A successful Launch?

Yes, indeed Clash Royale had a very successful launch right from the day of release and have never looked back ones. Following it Big Brothers foots step “Clash of Clans”, Clash Royale has made it among the champions and is still fighting its way every day going steadily to the top.

For those who are familiar with Clash of Clan and also for those who aren’t Clash Royale is definitely giving this game a try as this is really an addictive game as reviewed by many editors.

Shortly About Clash Royale for iOS

Having a successful global launch with over 500,000 downloads in just about 12hrs is has created a new wave of Real Time Strategy gaming all over the world, especially within iOS  players as they were the lucky ones to try the game first and are also moving on to be one of the strongest amongst the 2 worlds iOS & Android.

Clash Royale

This game basically offers One-On-One battles between players. This allows the player to enjoy their prolonged awaited one on one progressive gaming experience from expected from Clash of Clan.

With a lot of gameplay to choose from and new gaming, themes have definitely made Clash Royale worth a try.

Special Features- Clash Royale for iOS :

Clash Royale

  • Battle Deck – Here you will be able to choose from a wide variety of characters that you want to include in your battle for glory.
  • Card Collection – Here you will be able to choose from 3 different types of cards that include – Troop Card, Base cards, Hero Cards.
  • Spell Card – Here Players can choose a variety of spells to damage their opponents.
  • Epic cards/Rare cards: These are the cards that everyone wants to unlock as they offer the best heroes and best troops to grab a quick win.
  • Friendly Matches – Here players can practice against their own alliance members and with their friends to check their battle strategy.
  • ONE-ON-ONE – Here players will be able to play against other players, which will be a one-on-one match.

So this is a short description about Clash Royale for iOS, THIS GAME IS DEFINITELY WORTH A TRY, go ahead and download it from here: Clash Royale

For more upcoming details and updates about the game please stay connected with us.

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Clash Royale for PC : Free Download/Windows

How To Protect Pendrive With Password Without Any Software

Clash Royale for PC : Free Download/Windows

As you know, the newbie real-time sensation is rocking around the Smartphone stations. The popularity of Clash Royale is increasing rapidly. Though the game is available in iOS and Android platforms, the demand of Clash Royale for PC also no less if we go comparing. And if you are also looking for the same thing, you don’t need to look further.

clash royale for PC

Clash Royale is certainly a worth trying game. The success of Supercell with their previous blockbuster creation Clash of Clans is not a new thing to us. Expectedly, Supercell’s latest creation Clash Royale seemed to be no less than COC. Before jumping into the guidance structure, let’s get some knowledge about Clash Royale.

Supercell’s Clash Royale

Clash Royale was launched for iOS users during the first week of January, 2016 in few selected countries. As they experienced a positive feedback from users, later on next month, Supercell released the game for Android platform as well. On the March 2, the worldwide launch of Clash Royale took place. Within few weeks of it globally release, the number of Clash Royale players increased to millions and the number is still growing.


Going inside gameplay, Clash Royale is special designed for people who love to challenge head-to-head. Though there are so many similarities in the game with COC, the gameplay of Clasgh Royale is different. Similarities are in its some characters and troops such as Archers, Giants, Bomber, and Witch etc. In addition to the characters, in Clash Royale main troops can be including Knight, Princes and Dragon Baby.

One more similarity with COC and CR is, in Clash Royale you can form your own clan community. You can chat with community members through the game and share items. You can sharpen your battle tactics challenging your clan-mates in private battles. For more battle tactics, you can watch videos in TV Royale and learn from it. There is also a hopping tab which can be unlocked after winning Arena 1, which is Goblin Stadium. In the shop box, there are Cards of various levels, Treasure Chests, Gems and Golds available to buy.



Clash Royale for PC : Use Android Emulator

When it’s about entertainment, we all love it on big screen. Same thing theory can apply to video games as well. Android Smartphone is small in screen; it is awesome to play mobile games in mobile phones itself as it is handy. But when you are home, you don’t really need to drain down your Smartphone’s battery keeping aside your personal computer unused.


I personally find it’s just great to play Smartphone games on my computer rather than mobile phone at home. You can have the same fun back home with an Android Emulator called Bluestacks. Clash Royale fro PC can be downloaded and installed following few simple steps.

Step 1: Download and install Bluestacks 2 from the link given below. Once the emulator software is successfully installed, launch it clicking on it’s shortcut icon from your Windows desktop.

Step 2: Once the Android emulator is open, click on the search box located on top left corner of the software window. Type a text “Clash Royale” in the search box and it will show a drop down search result related to your search term. Proceed to select the proper result.

Step 3: Now, you will be taken to the Google Play Store through the software interface. In the Google Play page, click the “Install” button and follow the usual steps to install the game.


Once you carefully follow the above instructions, your Clash Royale for PC must be installed in your computer by now. So now on, you can have the fun of real-time game on your PC with it’s bigger screen.

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Best 3D Games for Android 2016 – Play It Hard

Best 3D Games for Android 2016 : 3D games has moved to a whole next level with the launch of the very first game in the world of android smartphones and tabs. With 3D games in our android devices, right in the palm of our hand, it has definitely changed the face of gaming in our android phone/tablet.

3D Games for Android 2016
Best 3D Games for Android 2016

Now we have a variety of 3D games to choose from, which we want to play in our free time or right with our friend when they are with us or even far away through the multiplayer server. And for that, we generally go with a high-performance gaming devices nowadays, to enjoy playing our favourite 3D games whenever and where ever we want.

Choosing the Best 3D Games for Android 2016 can be really easy, yet very hard to choose from a list of 100’s of games. Some of which are categorised into shooting, racing and much more.

So now let’s take you through the Best 3D Games for Android 2016 and clear all your conscious about the 3 best 3D game that you have ever played.

List of 3 Best 3D Games for Android 2016

Modern Combat 5 Blackout – Best 3D Games for Android 2016

In the world of 3d games for android, Modern Combat 5 is the behemoth of  all the games. The best FPS so far in any game made for android, Modern Combat 5 definitely takes the spot of Best 3D Games for Android 2016 .

Best 3D Games for Android 2016

Stepping into the action is the squad form and many multiplayer modes that can help you to enjoy the game to the best gaming time in any FPS game that you have played so far.

Game Features:

  • New customizable classes for level up to 6 levels
  • Choose from a variety of war forms like sniper, bounty hunter, assault and recon.
  • Spend skill points to activate the best class specification.
  • Best multiplayer FPS gaming
  • Squad and individual leaderboards

To play this game please download it from here: Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Need  for Speed No Limits – Best 3D Games for Android 2016

Now you can start racing with no limits with Need for Speed – No Limits. From the developers of Real Racing 3 come the invincible racing game of all time NFS. So start winning the matches and earning rep and much more customizable options.

Best 3D Games for Android 2016

Customize your own car to no limits, push your car to the limit and start challenging over 1000 challenging races. Drift till  you can smell the rubber burning. Racing till the end and never look back. It also offers you with app purchases, which you may disable in the setting.

Game Features:

  • The latest update allows you to take your car to the extreme with different mods.
  • New cars like Dodge Charger R/T 1969
  • Amazing Bonus for very first purchase
  • Get trial of the mods even before you purchase them
  • Best graphics so far in the world of android racing game

To play this game please download it from here: Need for Speed – No Limits

EA Sports UFC – Best 3D Games for Android 2016

Be the ultimate fighter and fight for glory, get down with 70 different fights and make your way against the last man standing. With this game, you will surely feel the thrill of real fighting right on the palm of your hands. Fight till the end and unlock new skills and keep moving.

Best 3D  Games for Android 2016

Train your ultimate warrior and choose from fighters like St-Pierre and his Superman punch to Cain Velasquez’s Takedown. It’s you who have to choose what’s your fighting style and move ahead in every round and never give up. You can also choose to play in Live events and with exclusive rewards, so let the fight begin.

Game Features:

  • Rewards for VIP
  • Choose from a variety of new fighters and new unlocking icons
  • Log into Facebook for more exciting rewards
  • Create you own fighting champs with a team name

To play this game please download it from here: EA Sports UFC

So, there you have it, guys, these were the top 3 Best 3D Games for Android 2016 from where you can choose from to paly one of the game or even choose all of them and go crazy with the amazing 3D interface and HD Graphics.

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How To Protect Pendrive With Password Without Any Software

Protect Pendrive With Password:

Nowadays, We all need to use Pendrive or USB drive. It gives us a facility to carry our necessary files with us. Many times situations have arises where we need to carry some important soft copy of a document with us for example, any presentation if you have to give then you don’t need to carry your whole laptop, you can just put the ppt file on a Pendrive and go with it. Now Pendrives are available with a huge amount of storage data.

protect pendrive with password

Pendrives are very portable and smaller in size, that means there is a risk of losing your important data, also if someone borrows your Pendrive without informing you, and it has some confidential files that you won’t want to share with anyone, then it’s a big matter. So to avoid such kind of incidences, it’s better to Protect your Pendrive with Password so that without your knowledge no one can use it.

You can encrypt your Pendrive with a Password without use of any external software. Easily you can Protect Pendrive with a password. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can Protect Pendrive With Password without any third party software.

Tutorial On Encrypting a Pendrive With Password:

Windows 7 or later versions of Windows comes with a feature called BitLocker. It is inbuilt in your Windows PC. So if you have an inbuilt option available with you, so why to use another third party software. Let’s take a look How you can Protect Pendrive with Password using BitLocker.

Protect Pendrive With Password Using BitLocker

To Encrypt your Pendrive with a password follow this-

  • First, insert a Pendrive into your PC and wait until it detects on your computer and after that open My Computer.

protect pendrive with password using bitlocker

  • Now on my computer, you will show your USB Pendrive option. Select the Pendrive and right Click on it. You will find an option there labeled ‘Turn on BitLocker.’ Click on it and a new ‘BitLocker Drive Encryption’ window will pop up.

protect pendrive with password using bitlocker

  • The next thing is to select the checkbox ‘Use a password to unlock the drive’ to create a password. Now Type a password that is easy for you to remember and again retype that password and click Next.

protect pendrive with password using bitlocker

  • Now an option will come up ‘How do you want to store your recovery key.’ Either you can save it to a file on your PC, or you can print that key file.
  • To save the recovery key on your PC, click on it and save it to a location wherever you want on your computer.
  •  After saving the recovery, file click on Next. Then click on ‘start encrypting.’ Note: Do not remove your Pendrive during this encryption process.

protect pendrive with password using bitlocker

  • Now another window will come up on your screen, that will show you a status of the encryption process. It will take some time to finish the encryption process, and it depends on the size the Pendrive. So have patience.
  • After the completion of the Encryption process, you will see a lock sign on the icon of your Pendrive in My Computer window.

protect pendrive with password using bitlocker

  • To Check it how it is work, first, eject the Pendrive from your PC and insert it again. The icon will show up with a lock sign, now click on it. It asks you to enter the Password first to open it. Now just enter the password and open it.

How to Open Pendrive if you forget the Password:

If you forget the password, no worry. You can easily open that Pendrive using the Recovery key you saved on your PC earlier.

  • First, insert your Pendrive on your PC and click on the Pendrive icon and then click on ‘I forgot my password.’
  • A new window will come up to ask you type the Recovery key. Click on it and now open the recovery file and copy the ‘Bitlocker Recovery Key’ and paste it. Now click Next.
  • Now you have temporary access to your Pendrive. You can reset your Password by clicking on ‘Manage BitLocker.’
  • Now Click on Finish, and you will be able to open your Pendrive.

It’s a very simple task, right? You can easily do it. That’s the simple and easiest method of Encrypting your Pendrive With a Password. Also keep your Pendrive protected from malware. Because, if the drive gets virus infected, your password protected Pendrive contents will be no more any good-to-use.

As the safety and protection of your Pendrive are concerned, you must keep your drive always malware-free. Use valid anti-virus on your PC and keep your Pendrive scanned regularly. On an awful time, if your Pendrive gets infected (by shortcut viruses), you may use Shortcut Virus Remover, and your contents will be safe.

How to Update Windows 10 Offline

Keeping your device up to date with the latest firmware is something that should be done as soon as the developers release an official update.This is basically notified by the system in your device.Even with smartphones, PC or laptop or any other device that require an OS to run, keeping the OS up to date is a must.And basically today we are going to talk about how you can even update Windows 10 offline easily.

Why Must You Keep The System Up To Date ?

Update Windows 10 Offline

With the release of any OS update it is most likely possible that there can be some bug within the update.And with the release of of the latest Windows 10 OS, it is also most likely that you will receive updates for your system now and then.As with the initial release of the OS there was a considerable amount of bugs that was needed to be fixed.And that was only possible through updating the OS with new a few update release by the developers.

OS updates are basically done through a firmware update which the developers release when the consumers starts complaining about any lag or any system error.Or also when the OS is released in a hurry without much of a testing.A software update for any Windows OS is done online with the release of a new update.

But it is not always possible to update your Windows online as everyone doesn’t have a high speed internet connection for their PC/laptop.But one of the best thing about Windows 10 is that you can even Update Windows 10 Offline mode.

So today, let me show you few of the best ways on how you can easily update Windows 10 Offline.

Things that you will require before you go ahead on Update Windows 10 Offline :

Portable Update

Update Windows 10 Offline

This app allows you to “download, save and run the files” to the executable location where you want to install it.This application can be easily carried around in an external media port like an USB drive.

And with this application you can easily download, update, and install all the latest update Windows 10 Offline mode.

And now you must also be thinking that is it even legal or will it cause your OS to crash, to that I personally used this application without an internet connection and updated my Windows 10. And even after that I went online and tried to update with the official update and it went on smoothly with the official update without leaving any trace in the Windows registry.

So there you have it, it is completely safe to use and even after that if you face any errors, it is possible that it wasn’t caused by the application itself.

Steps To Update Windows 10 Offline

  • First you will need to launch the application.
  • After the application has launched successfully, you will come across a tab listed with a variety of  multi-tabs.( Truly speaking it is not one of the best looking UI but is works like a miracle)

Update Windows 10 Offline

  • This tabs include a variety of functions like searching, downloading items and for checking update history.
  • Now there are variety of advance option that we will discuss later(This is for advance users who like to look around more than just a regular basis)
  • Now the download tab is what you need, click on the download tab to start installing the updates for your windows 10.Now you will also notice that the it will update even the previously updated files.This is to make sure that with the system does not crashes with the new update.


Now for your information, I would like to point out that all the updates are stored in the caches folder.(this is where all the offline installs are stored).This application will take you through all the details about your system & OS.

NOTE:This may take a while so you might want to take make a cup of coffee and enjoy watching the updating your Windows 10 in offline mode.

Interesting Enough ?

Well, that’s not it, with the release of new updates you can simply plugin your drive to download the latest updates which will also be shown to you in a download status bar.Downloading the updates is the only time when you will be required to be connected to internet and then you can enjoy the rest of the work in offline mode.

Personally I found this application to be really helpful as it help me and also my few of friends who are using the windows 10.And not just that, after downloading the updates you can use this application to update as many PC/laptops as you want.Which I personally loved the most.

So this was the most simplest way on how you can easily Update Windows 10 Offline using this application.

If you liked this article then please share it with your friend & family members who also wants to keep their windows 10 updated with the latest firmware and that too in offline mode.Also leave a comment below on your experience with update Windows 10 offline mode.

Thank you for reading & Enjoy.

Best Antivirus for Mac: Free Download

There is a technical myth affiliating between Apple’s Operating System and computer viruses. The myth is that “Viruses cannot corrupt Apple’s Mac” and this myth, I will refer it as a rumor, is quite common among people. But this is far away from reality. Apple’s users may always tell you that their iOS device don’t need for any antivirus software or application. They might tell that you the Mac OS X is created with the power to protect itself from malware, spyware etc. The reality is everyday a new threats are being coded to attack Apple’s system. It seemed the Mac is not such invincible like they say. Seeking for solution of this problem you will need a best antivirus for Mac.

Best Antivirus for Mac

Good news is, software developers around the world are always there for us, providing services as our requirements. There are many awesome anti-virus software are being coded and designed in order to secure your devices from malfunctioning. These antivirus softwares are available both in premium and free version. Keeping in mind of your pocket weight here I hand-picked some best free versions of my favorite. Scroll down the page and have a look to these best antivirus for mac and keep your Mac healthy.


Avast Free Mac Security

free antivirus for mac

Avast! The name is so popular that I afraid even you have heard the name. Yes, this is most or least one of the most popular free antivirus software for mac. When it is about to protect a computer system, whatever operating system it has Avast is always the name on people’s down lip. Certainly Avast has all kind of features to compete any premium anti-virus program as it has passed AV-TEST and AV-Comparative with a 100% detection rate. It tracks down all type of new emerged computer virus and keeps your system up to date.


Comodo Antivirus for Mac

best antivirus

Even though the software hasn’t gone through any AV-TEST or AV-Comparative test, yet it has been providing the satisfying service to the users. The software updates itself automatically and its ‘Drag and Drop’ feature for file scanning with a simple chart makes it even easier to use. Another feature called “Security Level” allows you to compose the amount of protection you assume, thus you can have idea about your requirement. It uses a less amount of your system source; with no doubt this is an applicable choice for Mac users.


Avira Free Antivirus for Mac

avira antivirus for mac

This incredible anti-virus software has the ability to protect your Apple device from OS-X based threats and Windows PC based malwares as well. According to AV-TEST the Avira software detects malwares with 100% rate of detection. With its simple scheduling feature you can set a time to scan your system for any new virus. Hence the software provides another convenient feature which warns you immediately when you are about to get into any mistrustful site. Thus it keeps your Mac safe from an online malware corruption.


AVG AntiVirus for Mac

avg for mac

The software holds some features which are real easy to use. Make sure the protection of your Mac with this awesome antivirus software which has the function to secure a computer device from different types of computer viruses such as PC virus, Mac virus and Android based viruses. With a great malware fighting interface the software got a result with 100% detection rate from AV-Comparative test especially for Mac and PC based viruses.


Sophos Antivirus for Mac

best antivirus for mac

The Sophos Mac antivirus software also has the ability to track down malwares created for Macs and PCs. The result of AV-TEST with 92.5% and AV-Comparative with 100% detection rate proves its convenient performance in the task of protecting your computer system.

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  How to Backup Your Contacts to Your Gmail Account


As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the talks about Mac’s self-protection from virus is just a rumor; though there are fewer infectious viruses coded for Macs than Windows PCs it’s always better to keep your system and files risk free. So, without thinking any second thought just go ahead pick up any one of these above mention free best antivirus for Mac and say bye to your malworries. 🙂