How to remove your Memory Card password

Now it’s a day of smartphone, different smartphone have different memory in it some smart phone comes with internal memory and some phone comes with external memory facility. You may protect your memory card by giving password to it as you may have added many important materials in your memory card. If you forget your pass word then what is the way to remove password from your memory card.

In this article we are going to share about how to remove your memory card password even after you forget. There  are some steps given below by following which you can recover your memory card password.

Here are some methods for different device and with different software how you can remove your memory card password:

memory card

First method: Remove your memory card password with the help of your PC

Android device

  • Connect your phone with your PC.
  • Now go to the file manager of your phone.
  • Thirdly in setting choose system folder and find a file named as mmcstore.
  • Now send that file in your PC with the help of cable or by Bluetooth.
  • Now opened that file in notepad in your PC.
  • Once the file get opened you will see password located in the file.

So by this way you can remove your memory card password from your android phone or any other phone that supports mmcstore of your memory card.

Second method: Remove your memory card password

You can follow this method with your own risk.

  • Open the memory card from your mobile phone and insert the card in any N series or E series mobile.
  • Format it you will not asked to give any password.

But this facility is only available in Nokia N series and Nokia E series mobile. As I have already said this can be done only at your own risk.

Third method: Unlocking the memory card password

Symbian mobile

  • Firstly download any file explorer which can scan all file from your mobile.
  • Now start the explorer app and keep pressing zero (0), this will let you see all file.
  • Then like you did for android phone look for mmcstore and it should be located in (/sys/data/mmcstore ) this address.
  • As you have found then open that file with any normal editor.
  • Search in the third column for the code.
  • Finally if you have found out the code delete it

Hence you have removed your memory card password.

Fourth method: To remove your memory card password using software

  • Firstly remove memory card from your android device.
  • Insert it to card reader and connect it in your PC or laptop.
  • If done then right click on the device disk.
  • Now choose the format from the menu option.
  • If it is done then you will find that the password has been removed from your memory card.

I will suggest you if you are handling an android smartphone you better give password to the important files using some app keeping the backup file, it will be helpful. If you are having problems with the four methods that I have discussed above then don’t hesitate to comment in the comment box.