How to unlock android forgotten pattern lock with out formatting ?

In our phone we keep many thing like music, videos,  some of the personal file and pictures. As we carry phone where ever we go but our laptop can’t be carried every where so maximum of the time we put our personal file in our phone and use a inbuilt security to protect our phone from unknown users like pattern lock which comes inbuilt with android phone.

Actually most users go for pattern locking but what happen when you forget your pattern it will be a bigger headache for you. You will want to unlock your phone with out loosing your phone data or with out formatting your phone.

unlocking pattern

This article will give you some guides with which you will be able to unlock your forgotten pattern successfully without formatting your android phone.

First step: Unlocking with your Gmail account.

When ever you forget your pattern to unlock your phone it is like a big headache for you until and unless you don’t unlock your phone you won’t get relief. But in this case your Gmail account will help you a lot. When you open your phone and asked for your pattern which you have totally forgotten.

Then you keep entering wrong pattern for about five minutes, after entering wrong account for five minutes there will be option as “forgot pattern” appearing on the screen. As soon as you click on the option forgot pattern in another window you will be asked to give your email ID.

But the email Id should be the one with which you have registered your android phone. But keep in mind in this process you need to be connected with internet by GPRS or by Wi-Fi so as to verify your email address. If you entered your Gmail account pattern will be unlocked and you will be able to set a new pattern for your phone security.

Second step: If you are not having internet connection or no Gmail account.

You may not be always connected with internet or may be when you forgot your pattern you were not connected to the internet then not to worry that much there are many more methods you can follow. Sure that the first step will not work if you are connected to the internet.

In this type of situation you will need to format and hard reset your phone. Once you can reboot our phone your pattern will be automatically removed.

Note below: On rebooting your phone your data from the phone memory will be erased so before doing hard reset you must keep your phone backup file.

Third step: Removing/resetting pattern lock.

This step will be the best step for you if you are not having internet connection while resetting your forgotten pattern and also you don’t want to loose your data from phone by formatting as in second step. To follow this step you will need to download an app called Aroma file manager by Amarullz. For downloading this app you can go a head with the given link

you need to follow the steps below:

  • Download the app from the given link or from any other site.
  • Now remove the memory card from your phone and connect it to the computer.
  • Put the app in the root of memory card.
  • Reboot to recovery.
  • Flash the Aroma file manager.

CMW users can follow this:

Mount all the partitions and  flash aroma file manager from the SDcard.

Stock recovery users follow this:

In stock recovery you will not find any options to mount the partitions so go directly to the Flash Aroma File Manager. Then go to settings by clicking on menu option, now select mount all partition then you will see that  all the partitions are mounted.

  • Go to /data/system
  • If you are to remove password then press long and delete the password key.
  • And if you are to remove pattern then press long and delete the gesture key.
  • Now you can close the Aroma file manager.
  • Finally you can enjoy rebooting your phone.

I will better tell you a suggestion that if you are keeping password to protect your phone then give what you can remember not the difficult one. But if you forgot then you must try the first step it’s very much helpful and your important data will also not get lost. If you are having any confusion then do comment in comment box below