How to make your android phone faster without rooting

Spending and looking for best android phone is very difficult, mostly you will need a fast processing phone but not all the phone are that fast to impress you. Many be the operating system is different or it can be also of RAM differences some will run on 1GB RAM or may be greater then that.

Especially android phones gives problems in processing faster so it’s a very big issue. this article is meant for you if you are also going on with the same problem of processing your android phone faster. I will be sharing some procedure to keep your android phone faster with out rooting your phone, as rooting phone is like no sure of warranty.

Steps to be follow to make your android phone faster:

1. Uninstalling apps which you don’t use:

Though google play store let you to meet with many mobile apps but there is an instruction that you should download only those apps which you need. When ever you installed an android app it get store in ROM (Read Only Memory). Hence if you keep on downloading many unnecessarily it will take up the memory space hence making your phone slow. Which you will totally not like it.

android apps

2. Disabling High speed data and also Background sync:

Disabling high speed data will help you a lot  in maintaining your speed of your phone because your personal device will directly depend upon the speed of the data you use regularly if it is not compatible then your phone will slow down at last leading to hang.

If you can do background syncing with your computer then it will not only fasten your phone but also will save your phone battery.

3. Clearing the cache app data:

Cache data use to  help particular app for loading fast but many extra cache will stay back in your phone which you don’t use. Which will slow down your phone, you may clear up the cache data that will fasten your phone from before.

cache data

4. Cleaning up your home screen:

I will better suggest you to choose a good image for your wallpaper and try to keep less gadgets on your home screen this will not slow down your phone. If you are keeping a live wallpaper then it will affect in your phone processor which will make your phone work slowly and it is very much irritating. The least you clutter the phone the more faster it works.

home page

5. Make sure that your android is updated:

The updated software will contain many bug files which will help in fastening the phone RAM. Updated version will be pure and of no cache data. But keep the home screen free of gadgets and always keep some good picture other then live wallpapers.


The above steps will obviously help you speeding up your phone. You can also use some external apps to clear up Ram, if you are having any problems then please do contact with us through the comment box. Hoping you will like my article also you can write and send me your likes and dislikes.