How To Convert Exe File to Apk file?

Actually many phone users want to experience windows in their android phone. So you can look upon this article and take some knowledge of how to convert exe file in to apk file. You will be able to do what you want, If you install windows in your android phone then surely you will be able to convert exe file in to apk file. But you can also use exe file in your android phone without installing Windows and just converting the exe file in to apk file.

In android phone there is only one problem that is you can use and play only the apk files not the exe file. In order to install exe file on your android phone you need to know how to the steps or tutorial of how to convert using the app   exe to apk file converter tool. You can get the app for free in the sites.

exe to apk file

Procedure to convert exe file in to apk file

Let’s first look at the requirement to convert exe file to apk file:

  • First of all you will need the application in exe set up or portable file.
  • Now on Change my software choose exe to apk file.
  • It will take you some 10 minutes or longer, depending upon the size of the file to be converted.

As you have seen in the requirement that you will need  to Change my software as exe to apk file by downloading the converter app from their official sites.

Actually before users can download from any sites but as it created many problems so they change in to like now you need to give some survey and pay for the software so now you need to download from their official link given below.

download exe to apk file converter

Steps to be follow:

  • Now after you download the software in your PC. Launch the app in your PC .
  • After launching the software in your PC click to I have a portable application and then click on next button.
  • Choose the exe file which you like to convert. Surely it will take you some time for the file t load, after finishing every thing you will see convert button then click on it.
  • The software will take you some time to convert exe file in to apk file, depending on the size of the file.
  • Leave the app so that it complete the conversion.
  • After the compilation of converting you will get the message that you succeeded in converting the file.

So now finally the exe file which you want in you android phone is converted in to apk file which you can install in your android phone successfully. If you are having any kind of problems following the steps or regarding the download of software  then you can discuss with us in the comment box.

I hope this article solved all your problem of converting file from exe to apk. Enjoy playing and converting file thank you.

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