How to Backup Your Contacts to Your Gmail Account

In this era of technology where there are over 2 billion smartphone users globally, you of course won’t like to write your important contact numbers on a paper pad instead of the mobile phone you are using and save them.

While you are saving your contact list in your mobile phone you can’t assure it’s safety as you could lose your contact numbers in some circumstances like losing your phone, cracking, malfunctioning or in case you forgot your phone password and need to reboot the phone.


No worries, thanks to Google that has made Android OS in such a way that if you connect your android phone to your Gmail account, your contacts may automatically sync with your Gmail account. Once you successfully sync your phone to your Gmail account, your every new contact will be backed up automatically as soon as you add it to your Android phone. So then whenever you are in need of your contact data you only have to take a look into your Gmail account and there you will get what you require. To back up your phone with Gmail account you need to follow a simple short procedure.

Here are the steps to sync your phone with your Gmail account:

  1. First go to your ‘system settings’ alternative.
  2. Then hit the ‘account & sync’ in the list.
  3. Now hit the ‘add account’ from the list that appears.

How simple is that! But then, make sure your contacts are actually backed up to your Gmail account. For that you can check into your Gmail account with a few simple steps below.

Here is the process to examine whether your phone backup with Gmail is complete or not:

  1. First log in to your Gmail account.
  2. In the left edge of your Gmail profile there you can see an option ‘Gmail’ just below the Google logo.
  3. Now click the ‘Gmail’ option then it will appear a list drop down.
  4. Now pick the ‘contacts’ option from decline box.

Now, every contacts of your phone list should show up there. If you find the contact list of your phone in the Gmail account, consider that the synchronization process is complete. What if your contacts still not backed up and aren’t showing the list? Yet you have another way to back up your android contacts.

Another simple way to back up your phone contacts:

This is an another easy process to back up your phone contacts to your Gmail account in case you do not get a satisfying result from the first procedure. This can be done with some simple steps.

  1. At first you have to get into ‘Setup’ option of your phone.
  2. Now click on the ‘Accounts’ button.
  3. Next click on the ‘Google’ button.
  4. Next check the box of ‘Calls sync’ choice.
  5. Next you can click the ‘Sync now’ button.

And thus all the contact list of your Android phone will get backed up to your Gmail account with no doubt.

I hope you find these methods of backing up phone contacts to Gmail account useful and satisfactory. Have fun.

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