How To Find Product Key After Upgrading Windows 10

Product key for windows is basically a 25 character code that allows you in the activation process of a Windows, which can only be used under the licence terms by Microsoft.

Product key by Microsoft generally comes inside the box with the Windows DVD or through email which proves that you bought the Windows.

Basically a product Key looks like: PRODUCT KEY: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. And if you already bought an original windows you can simply mail Microsoft for an original key.

Now with windows 7 & 8 you can simply find the product key by right clicking on my computer and scrolling down to the bottom in the tab.And even after upgrading from windows 7 to 8 you can find the same in windows 8 but the problem arises when you upgrade windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10.


Windows 7 to Windows 10


Windows 8 to Windows 10

The problem is that you can’t find product key after upgrading Windows 10, and if you want to re-install Windows 10 or to any other Windows you won’t be able to get the product key again.

So, today I am going to take you through few of the basic steps on how you can find product key after upgrading Windows 10.

Steps To Find Product Key After Upgrading Windows 10

  • First you need to install a download an utility software called ProduKey.This app will allow you to find the production even it’s over thousands of programs.

You can download the software from this link : ProduKey

  • Now you will need to install the Produkey and we will be left with a shortcut of the software on your desktop.Click and open the utility and you will be presented with a number of key.
  • After the list refreshes you will be able to see a “Windows(BIOS OEM Key), now this also depend on the different versions of Windows 10 that  you have that will be listed in the utility box.


  • Now you simply need to insert a USB drive or a DVD disc to create a a WIndows 10 installation drive.
  • Now as soon as you will be prompt, you need to enter the new product key found in the ProduKey.
  •  After you will have entered the Product key and it will be automatically authenticated.
  • Now a fresh copy of the new Windows 10 is ready for you.

So, these were the few simple steps on how you can easily find product key after upgrading Windows 10.

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