Best Antivirus for Mac: Free Download

There is a technical myth affiliating between Apple’s Operating System and computer viruses. The myth is that “Viruses cannot corrupt Apple’s Mac” and this myth, I will refer it as a rumor, is quite common among people. But this is far away from reality. Apple’s users may always tell you that their iOS device don’t need for any antivirus software or application. They might tell that you the Mac OS X is created with the power to protect itself from malware, spyware etc. The reality is everyday a new threats are being coded to attack Apple’s system. It seemed the Mac is not such invincible like they say. Seeking for solution of this problem you will need a best antivirus for Mac.

Best Antivirus for Mac

Good news is, software developers around the world are always there for us, providing services as our requirements. There are many awesome anti-virus software are being coded and designed in order to secure your devices from malfunctioning. These antivirus softwares are available both in premium and free version. Keeping in mind of your pocket weight here I hand-picked some best free versions of my favorite. Scroll down the page and have a look to these best antivirus for mac and keep your Mac healthy.


Avast Free Mac Security

free antivirus for mac

Avast! The name is so popular that I afraid even you have heard the name. Yes, this is most or least one of the most popular free antivirus software for mac. When it is about to protect a computer system, whatever operating system it has Avast is always the name on people’s down lip. Certainly Avast has all kind of features to compete any premium anti-virus program as it has passed AV-TEST and AV-Comparative with a 100% detection rate. It tracks down all type of new emerged computer virus and keeps your system up to date.


Comodo Antivirus for Mac

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Even though the software hasn’t gone through any AV-TEST or AV-Comparative test, yet it has been providing the satisfying service to the users. The software updates itself automatically and its ‘Drag and Drop’ feature for file scanning with a simple chart makes it even easier to use. Another feature called “Security Level” allows you to compose the amount of protection you assume, thus you can have idea about your requirement. It uses a less amount of your system source; with no doubt this is an applicable choice for Mac users.


Avira Free Antivirus for Mac

avira antivirus for mac

This incredible anti-virus software has the ability to protect your Apple device from OS-X based threats and Windows PC based malwares as well. According to AV-TEST the Avira software detects malwares with 100% rate of detection. With its simple scheduling feature you can set a time to scan your system for any new virus. Hence the software provides another convenient feature which warns you immediately when you are about to get into any mistrustful site. Thus it keeps your Mac safe from an online malware corruption.


AVG AntiVirus for Mac

avg for mac

The software holds some features which are real easy to use. Make sure the protection of your Mac with this awesome antivirus software which has the function to secure a computer device from different types of computer viruses such as PC virus, Mac virus and Android based viruses. With a great malware fighting interface the software got a result with 100% detection rate from AV-Comparative test especially for Mac and PC based viruses.


Sophos Antivirus for Mac

best antivirus for mac

The Sophos Mac antivirus software also has the ability to track down malwares created for Macs and PCs. The result of AV-TEST with 92.5% and AV-Comparative with 100% detection rate proves its convenient performance in the task of protecting your computer system.

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As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the talks about Mac’s self-protection from virus is just a rumor; though there are fewer infectious viruses coded for Macs than Windows PCs it’s always better to keep your system and files risk free. So, without thinking any second thought just go ahead pick up any one of these above mention free best antivirus for Mac and say bye to your malworries. 🙂