Best 3 Instagram Alternatives: Best photo editor apps

Instagram are one of the most popular apps which millions of people are looking for. This app will really fulfil the desire of the people who are looking for something fresh and new for their photography skills. Instagram really brings the attraction to your picture quality. You can really bring a good and fresh clear looking picture using Instagram. But now the experts are bringing some more Instagram Alternatives app which can bring better beautiful good looking picture to your photograph.  

Instagram Alternatives

These Alternatives are usually more powerful than Instagram,these alternatives really brings a professional look to your picture quality. Below we will mention about the few Instagram alternatives app.

Here we go for some Instagram Alternatives:


Flickr is the one of the best Instagram alternatives apps. It provides you with lots of features which you might not find in any other photography app. Flickers offers you 1000 GB (1 TB) of cloud storage for free which make it totally different from other photography app. There are hundreds of different filters that you apply on your photograph using this app you can also crop your photos and share the picture which is created and designed by you with all of the people who love to use Flickr to design their picture. Not only that Flickr lets took you to tweak your photos and has got lots of space to store your photos and videos on it.

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  1. PicsArt Photo Studio: picsart

PicsArt is another photography app where everyone shows their talent and shares their creative Masterpieces. This app has got hundred of different features to edit your photos, which one of the best photography app available in the market. Using this app you can share your various creative works which you like too, through your Whatsapp, facebook, twitter and even more. It has got a powerful drawing feature set which will let you brings the most beautiful artistic touches on your photograph.

  1. Pixlr:pixlr

Of course, Pixlr also provides better features of picture quality to your photograph than other Alternatives app. This photography app offers a wide range of different features for your photograph. It gives you easily fine tune of any image with just a few tap on your phone .The best thing of this app is allow  you to apply all the effects on your photo at the right time. In this app, Auto-Fix features handles all things for you which gives your photo a sharp look without letting you any manual work at all. It is totally a good photography app which really can bring you the best photograph by using it.

The above mentioned are some of the best alternatives to Instagram which really will provide you with better picture quality than Instagram. These alternatives have got different features within them which can bring the most beautiful good looking pictures for you.

Final Verdict:

So in my opinion, you should try using these few Instagram alternatives app, and I hope it will really fulfil your desire on the photograph as well as you will enjoy designing your photo with these few alternatives app to Instagram.So what are you thinking start using these app to bring more attraction to your photo right from today, it will really fulfil your desire.