Clash Royale for PC : Free Download/Windows

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Clash Royale for PC : Free Download/Windows

As you know, the newbie real-time sensation is rocking around the Smartphone stations. The popularity of Clash Royale is increasing rapidly. Though the game is available in iOS and Android platforms, the demand of Clash Royale for PC also no less if we go comparing. And if you are also looking for the same thing, you don’t need to look further.

clash royale for PC

Clash Royale is certainly a worth trying game. The success of Supercell with their previous blockbuster creation Clash of Clans is not a new thing to us. Expectedly, Supercell’s latest creation Clash Royale seemed to be no less than COC. Before jumping into the guidance structure, let’s get some knowledge about Clash Royale.

Supercell’s Clash Royale

Clash Royale was launched for iOS users during the first week of January, 2016 in few selected countries. As they experienced a positive feedback from users, later on next month, Supercell released the game for Android platform as well. On the March 2, the worldwide launch of Clash Royale took place. Within few weeks of it globally release, the number of Clash Royale players increased to millions and the number is still growing.


Going inside gameplay, Clash Royale is special designed for people who love to challenge head-to-head. Though there are so many similarities in the game with COC, the gameplay of Clasgh Royale is different. Similarities are in its some characters and troops such as Archers, Giants, Bomber, and Witch etc. In addition to the characters, in Clash Royale main troops can be including Knight, Princes and Dragon Baby.

One more similarity with COC and CR is, in Clash Royale you can form your own clan community. You can chat with community members through the game and share items. You can sharpen your battle tactics challenging your clan-mates in private battles. For more battle tactics, you can watch videos in TV Royale and learn from it. There is also a hopping tab which can be unlocked after winning Arena 1, which is Goblin Stadium. In the shop box, there are Cards of various levels, Treasure Chests, Gems and Golds available to buy.



Clash Royale for PC : Use Android Emulator

When it’s about entertainment, we all love it on big screen. Same thing theory can apply to video games as well. Android Smartphone is small in screen; it is awesome to play mobile games in mobile phones itself as it is handy. But when you are home, you don’t really need to drain down your Smartphone’s battery keeping aside your personal computer unused.


I personally find it’s just great to play Smartphone games on my computer rather than mobile phone at home. You can have the same fun back home with an Android Emulator called Bluestacks. Clash Royale fro PC can be downloaded and installed following few simple steps.

Step 1: Download and install Bluestacks 2 from the link given below. Once the emulator software is successfully installed, launch it clicking on it’s shortcut icon from your Windows desktop.

Step 2: Once the Android emulator is open, click on the search box located on top left corner of the software window. Type a text “Clash Royale” in the search box and it will show a drop down search result related to your search term. Proceed to select the proper result.

Step 3: Now, you will be taken to the Google Play Store through the software interface. In the Google Play page, click the “Install” button and follow the usual steps to install the game.


Once you carefully follow the above instructions, your Clash Royale for PC must be installed in your computer by now. So now on, you can have the fun of real-time game on your PC with it’s bigger screen.

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