Top 5 Facebook Video Downloader For Android Free

facebook video downloader

Facebook is one of the best and biggest social media platforms at present. Millions of people are currently using Facebook and sharing their motivational status, news, photos, videos etc. The thing is lots of Facebook users are sharing unique and necessary videos on Facebook, but the thing is you can’t download that videos from Facebook or you don’t know the process to download it. You may be familiar with YouTube which is also the huge platform to watch videos, movies, TV Shows and much more. You can download the YouTube Videos by YouTube video downloaders such as WoloTube, Catch video, Keepvid, Vidmate etc. But, what about Facebook Videos? Well, you won’t need to worry at all, Because I’m going to give you the solution or process to download the Facebook video free.facebook video downloader app

There are hundreds of Facebook video downloader sites out there in the internet world, but most of them are useless or never work properly. But as I said, you’ll get here best Facebook video downloader by which you can download all the Facebook videos. All you need to do is to follow the steps and visit the websites below to download the Facebook videos.

Here Are Some Best 5 Facebook Video Downloader For Android:

1. is the best Facebook video downloader which you can try out. It’s a very easy to use and simple to understand. All need to do is to copy link or URL address of Facebook videos, then paste it into the search box or “Just Insert a link” of Visit here to download videos from Facebook. Still, if you don’t get it, then visit the given above site and you’ll see the webpage of Just scroll down the webpage, you’ll get three options there and just click on the “How to use?”. So, that you could understand properly.You can even choose the quality of Facebook videos or 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p etc

2. is another finest Facebook videos downloader site. It’s also way too easy to use it, go to site, then you’ll see the webpage of You’ll see the download bar box or “Enter Facebook Video URL code or link address”. Now, log in to your Facebook account and choose the URL address of the videos, then paste it on the download bar. After that choose the video’s file format you want to watch. Once, the download process is complete, watch and enjoy your Facebook video


You can go with this downloader site which is called Filevid downloader. All the methods are the same process. Go to your Facebook account, Copy the URL Address of video and paste it on the Filevid download bar. Click on the download button, choose the video file format you want to watch. Visit here to try out this website


This one is the unique and fabulous Facebook downloader among the others. Copy the URL address and paste it into the download box bar. You can choose the quality of the Facebook video including Mp3 format option. Visit here to try out this Facebook video downloader website


If you don’t satisfy with the other Facebook Video downloader, then you can go for downloader. You can even download the Mp3 file format only. All you need to do is to copy the URL link address and paste it on the download bar. If you want to download the video file format, then choose the quality of the video or if you want to listen to the music only, just tap on the Mp3 button. At last, click on the download button.

These are some best 5 Facebook video downloaders you can try out. These downloaders are very easy to understand and simple to use it. All the given above downloaders are quite similar to download the Facebook videos. You can even download only Mp3 format. All you need to do is to try any one among those Facebook Video downloaders. Please let me know your opinion by commenting on the box below.