How To Access Wi-Fi Without Password On Android Phone

How To Access Wi-Fi Without Password On Android Phone

Accessing the internet though a WI-FI network has became one of the most convenient way for every android users. As well as for many other internet users . A WI-FI network connectivity is the best option they can get to connect them self with the internet in this daily busy life . But what would happen if you don’t possess the password of the desired WIF-FI network that you want to access to through you Android phone .


So today we are going to take a look into one of the most commonly discussed question over the web search engine, ” HOW TO ACCESS THE INTERNET OVER WI-FI WITHOUT A PASSWORD ” on your android phone . If you are also searching for a guide to easily access  a WI-FI network that is either locked or encrypted , this quick and easy guide will help you to hack into any WI-FI network even if you don’t have a password .

This easy tutorial will help you access any WI-FI network through your android smart phone in case you forgot your own WI-FI password OR want to access any other WI-FI network that you may have come across recently to enjoy a few moment of free internet . So whatever the case may be this quick guide will help you easy access to any WI-FI network in a few  seconds .

Using an Android Phone to connect to any Wi-Fi network without password:

Here is a easy tutorial on how to access into any WI-FI network even without a password & all that you need is an android device .

STEP 1 to gain access into an WI-FI network without a password :

The first step to gain access into any encrypted/locked WI-FI network is get a Instabridge app (FREEWARE) for you android device and follow then follow the easy steps given below –

  • For android users you can simply download and install the Instabridge app for free of cost from Google Play Store and it is available for both Mac and Windows users .
  • After installing the app you need to launch the app and you may have to sign in if you are using the app for the first time. Simply click on the tab ‘I am new’ and accept the terms and conditions given below .
  • After signing in a number of verification option will pop up in a new window . You just have to enter your Number and click verify . You can also share the WI-Fi network amongst your friends who wants to get connected to OR you can just skip the procedure if you want to keep the network within yourself .
  • As soon as you Phone number gets verified the app with automatically detect the verification process and you will be required to hit the done button at the right corner of the pop up screen .
  • You can now review the default settings and change it if you want and you will also get option to connect from various networks which will be inlisted from My own network , Friends Network & Community Network . We would like to suggest you to keep all the three options ‘ON’ and click on the tab ‘DONE’ .
  • Now all you need to do is to add any WI-FI networks if you didn’t do so and press on the tab ‘Share OR backup this hotspot’ to continue with the next step .
  • Now for security purposes please enter a Password on your android device screen when prompt and hit ‘NEXT’ option .
  • Now you need to press on the tab “ Share with the option which will pop up or is available on your screen with whom you want to share the network with just using the password you used before . Now you can choose for various option from ‘ALL USERS’ if you are on a Public network but is advised to keep the network only on a safe ‘Home Network’ to only youself or amongst your friend circle . Also note that in the friend option you can choose with which friend you want to share the network with just by sharing the password .
  • Now you can easily discover and connect to the desired network by pressing the Earth icon at the main screen of your app and you will notice all the WI-FI hotshots all over your your area and few WI-FI hotspots with pink dots which can only be accessed through payment & few grey dots which can be accessed without password on your android device.

Now in a general view you can also view that you can easily access the WI-FI hotspots which are not secured . So in case of a secure/restricted WI-FI network you have to hack into those connection in few of the following steps :

STEP 2 to gain access into an WI-FI network without a password :

Now you can use this second method to gain access to even the WI-FI hotspots which are restricted with this follows few steps :

[ NOTE : You need to root your phone and also not that your device  has a Broadcom bcm 4330 or 4329 chipset and also if you android device has Cyanogen ROM on your device, you can use it to run  bcmon app on you android device]

Using Your Android Phone To Hack Into Any WPA2 or WPS Routers :

  • All you need is to download and install the bcmon and that will turn up a monitor mode to run on your Broadcom chipset that will eventually help you to crack open the PIN of a WI-FI connection.
  • Now please tab open the app to ‘monitor mode’ option on the app screen .
  • Download and install Reaver app to crack any WPS pin so you will be able to retrieve any WPA2 PassPhase .
  • Launch the reaver app and you will notice a screen confermation to ensure and protect against any illegal uses of the hacking tool in any means .
  • All you have to do now is to verify any default settings and note that you check the tab ‘ Automatic Advance Setting ‘ box.
  • Lastly press on the ‘Start Attack’ tab to begain your hacking which might take around 2-9hrs .

Using An Android Phone to Hack A WEP Router :

  • You have to start with downloading and installing the BCMON and also ensuring that the monitor mode is compatible with your Broadcom chipset that will help you to effectively Crack open the PIN of the WI-FI Connection .
  • Then tab and launch the BCMON app with tab on ‘MONITOR MODE’ option
  • The next step is to tab on the ‘Run bcmon terminal’ option.
  • Now type ‘airodump-ng’ and press enter.
  • Once the ‘airdump-ng’ load is done you will be redirected to a command prompt .
  • Now type in ‘airodump-n wlano’ and hit enter .
  • Now start with scanning the existing channels by collecting information from access point before you start to crack the password and then type “airodump-ng-cchannel#-bssidMAC address-w output ath0” this will again start scanning and you should keep on scanning till it reaches 20,000 – 30,000 packets.
  • Return terminal to start cracking the WI-Fi network and to do so you need to type ‘aircrack-ng output*.cap’ and tab open the enter in the terminal.
  • Now all you have to do is wait and as soon as any of the WI-FI Connection is hacked you will receive a popup message with an alert ‘KEY FOUND’ and so will be the password will be displayed in hexidecimal form and also make sure that you eliminate ‘.’ ‘.’ Before you enter the password . For instance if the password is 1:2:3:44.7 you have to enter the password as 123447 .

Finally these are the ways to access Wi-Fi on your Android phone without password.

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