How to change default image save type in MS-paint

How to change default image save type in MS-paint

As today is the generation of HD and social sites, as social sites have become like a link to connect with your friends or with your family, hence we upload our photos in many social sites like facebook, instagram etc. to share our latest photos within friends circle.

No doubt we are living in HD world, so we will want our photo look beautiful and unique from others we require some edit before we update the photos to the internet. Now we can find many editing software in the internet some of them are online edit and some are offline edit, usually people go for offline edit of photos.How to change default image save type in MS-paint

Steps to change default image save type in MS-paint

Today we will discuss the software named MS-Paint. This beautiful is also used for photo editing and saving purpose offline and it comes preinstalled in windows XP and other versions of windows. I myself use this software personally for my photo to edit.

As I generally know every MS-Paint users undergoes certain problems while saving. on saving the image after edit it gets saved as .bmp or .png which is suitable for windows 7 but for windows XP you need to save your photo as .jpg.

Hence there is no problem if your OS in windows 7, but if your OS is windows XP like mine then you are undergoing with saving your photos. You will find difficulties as every time you save your photo you need to change from .bmp to .jpg

Here you can follow my tricks how to change default image save type in MS-Paint. My steps are not that complicated to make you confuse, try it you will feel it easy.


  1. First of all, you need to open a blank space on paint and need to save on your image folder as default.jpg [note: you need to set the type to jpg while saving the blank page]
  2. Now you browse the empty image, right click on the image and select properties. click on ‘read only’ and click on apply button. Now the will not be able to edit.
  3. Third thing is to locate paint in your start menu through Start> All Programs> paint. now right-click on it and choose the Send To> Desktop to create the shortcut.
  4. As you have located paint on your desktop. now right click on it and again go to properties, on the target you should have seen a line as %SystemRoot%\system32\mspaint.exe
  5. Now you need to put your mouse cursor at the of the line stated above and type a space.
  6.  Now copy the full way of your default.jpg image which is blank. Again paste the path after you gave step as stated in step 4, after doing all this the final line will somewhat look like %SystemRoot%\1system32\mspaint.exe “C\this is the path here\default.jpg”
  7. Finally, click on apply button and then on ok.Steps are done now double left click on the default.jpg which is created the shortcut on your desktop. Here you can do anything now and after everything is done when you save it will be automatically saved as .jpg you don’t need to change every time you saved like before from .bmp to .jpg.

    So aren’t this steps given above are easy for you, it’s very simple I personally follow this steps, you can’t share your views below

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