How to Download YouTube videos in the simplest way

How to Download YouTube videos in the simplest way

YouTube is one the most visited websites in the world of entertainment . Since 2004 YouTube has been entertaining millions of people all over the world . In the past few years YouTube has become  a standing platform for a lot of people to express themselves . Other then just watching movie trailers , music  videos  , watching episodes of favorite TV serials and for educational purposes etc . Video blogging have became a new trend which is making YouTube more demanding and it has become a easy way of earning few extra dimes .


People now and then  visit YouTube to get some entertainment and in purpose sometime end-up liking a few videos and may also want to download them . But YouTube being owned by Google has a few copyright issue with letting people download their videos .To solve this problem developers have come out with various Third Party Software’s which would help everyone to download videos physically form any website & later enjoying watching the videos with friend and family .

As more and more time passes by more and more tools are coming up to make downloading videos more simple . Even today we have a few browsing extensions and ad-dons which comes in easy with different browsers and making downloading videos more easy . Two of the top browser ad-don/extensions  are the Firefox download manager & Google Chrome download manager .

So today we are going to talk about few of the best online video down-loader tools , desktop tools and a Grease-monkey script which can help you to download videos in the most convenient way .


With the increasing number of developers , we can find a lot of tools to help us with downloading videos from any website . But today we are going to guide you through the  “ TOP 4 SIMPLEST WAYS TO DOWNLOAD VIDEO FROM YouTube “ .

1.KeepVid :

Even with the increasing number of different types of video downloader , KeepVid has always been one of the most used extension for millions of users . And what makes it more demanding is “ ITS FOR FREE “ .


Its is a simple and handy software to help you download videos in the most simplest way . All you have to do is right click over a video and get the video link and paste it simply in the extension and press download . It also provides you with a variety of choices of preferred quality starting from 144p to 1080p . They also provide you with  a desktop version which is a one time paid version.

You a can download videos in any video format like .Mp4 , .FLV , .3GP or you can even directly convert a video to .Mp3 . KeepVid is a simple All in One which is enough to take care of you daily video downloads .

2.YouTube Downloader :  

youtube downloader

Now lets talk about one of the best desktop software to download videos . And the most downloaded video downloader software from is YouTube Downloader in the past 48 months . With this software it is basically the simplest way to download any videos and to download it fast . It is one of the most powerful tool  to download videos easily and to make things better , YouTube  Downloader is absolutely  for free . You can also get a premier version of the software just for $20 . With the premier version it makes it more easy to download  multiple videos together .

  1. YouTube Downloader HD :

Youtube downloader HD

HD videos can give you a whole new experience in terms of movies as well as any other random videos . If you want to watch videos in full HD and also enjoy watching it in a big screen then YouTube Downloader HD is your thing . In contrast to that it has a very simple interface and you can easily download HD videos and also convert videos to mp3 in a jiffy .Few of its extra features like 4k and 3D mode can be enabled just by purchasing the Pro version .


Greasemonkey script is one of the best YouTube movie downloader you can get . It is basically compatible with any browser and all you have to do is to download . One of the best features about this is that , it directly puts a download button to your YouTube page when you open it . It support almost every browser and so it is the most convenient way of downloading any video from YouTube and forget about changing you browser for other add on or extensions .

So , here you are . These were 4 of the best ways to download your favourite Youtube videos without ease . Let us know in the comment below if you had came across any other addon or extension which helped you with downloading videos from youtube .

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