Ways To Make Your Computer Faster Within 10 Minute

Ways To Make Your Computer Faster Within 10 Minute

Most of us are using a computer; some use it for personal use and others for official purposes. Wherever we will go, we will notice people do everything on their computer. Gone are those days when people used to keep all the records in black and white. We use the computer so that we can save our time and can maintain everything properly. But when the computer becomes slow it causes many problems. So we need to keep our computer upgraded so that it work smoothly and it can do things properly. make faster your computerA computer lags for various reasons; if we don’t analyse and solve these little problems it makes the computer slow. As I said earlier we use the computer to save our time, if our computer becomes slow and takes so much of our time then what is the use of using a computer? But if we want to make computer faster then we can do it easily and by ourselves. All we need is to know the ways how to do it and in this article, I am going to discuss some of the tricks and ways to make your computer faster. You can make computer faster by following the mentioned ways below.

Uninstall All The Unnecessary Programs And Make Computer Faster

Most of the install software whatever we get and sometimes our computer comes with many pre-loaded programs which we never use and sometimes we don’t even know that this software exists on our computer. Many programs are there which runs in the background even when we are not using them, which lags our system so better if we uninstall all the unused programs.boost your pc

To remove or uninstall the programs we need to open control panel. Then we need to go to program and feature section and there we will see the list of all the installed software. From there we can uninstall the programs which we don’t need but while uninstalling the programs we must be careful because many programs are there which our computer’s hardware needs. If you are confused about which programs to keep and which program to uninstall then can install PC Decrapifier which will suggest you which program to keep and which one to remove. Once you will remove the unnecessary and unused programs, your PC will run smoothly.

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Check the Hard disk spacefast computer

To check the space available on your hard drive, you need to go to my computer first, then right click on the local drive and then check properties. When you will click properties it will show you the used space and the available space. You always need to keep at least 15% of the hard disk space free so that the computer can run smoothly. If the available space less than that then the system becomes slow. So if the drive is almost full then you should delete some of the files so that the system runs smoothly and quickly. If you can’t delete the files then better you get an external hard drive and move your files there and make computer faster.

Check for viruseshow to make computer faster

If you are not using antivirus software then you must get one as soon as possible. If you can’t afford an original version then you can download any free antivirus from the web.  And you need to run your antivirus scan regularly. Viruses not only slow down your computer but cause data loss too. And if you are an existing antivirus user then make sure your antivirus is up to date. Not only antivirus, you must keep a malware removal suite too, normally it comes inbuilt with windows but if it is not good enough then you should switch to a new malware program. If you run a scan on a regular basis it will help to keep your computer safe and clean and will make computer faster.

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Get more RAMmore ram

RAM is basically the temporary storage memory which our computer uses when different programs execute different tasks. If you use more programs or big programs and if you don’t have enough RAM then your system becomes slow. Though 4 GB RAM is enough for any system but depending on your work, you must upgrade your RAM accordingly. If you are using a desktop then you won’t face many problems but if you are using a laptop then you may face some problem as you can’t upgrade the RAM in all the laptops. If the usage is high then you can faster your computer by upgrading the RAM.

Change the power planpower plan

Changing the power plan sometimes helps to run the computer faster. To change the power plan first you need to go to control panel and then you have to select power options. When you will click power options it will show you three power plan and you need to select the high performance from these three. Once you will select high performance it will increase the performance and speed of your computer and will make computer faster than before. This trick is useful for desktop users but if you are using a laptop and you are not connected to power then it will drain your battery very fast.

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Final Words:

A slow computer is very irritating to use also because even after clicking any program you need to wait. If the computer you use in your workplace is slow then it may hamper your work.  No one likes to work on a slow computer that is why we need a fast computer. And we can make our computer run fast by following the above-mentioned ways. I think this article will help you to make computer faster than before.

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