How to Save Photo From Instagram

How to Save Photo From Instagram

It is the age of social media sites where everybody who is using Smartphone and PC can enjoy the entire social platform and get connected. With the introduction of social network as Facebook, Instagram and others, we can share, give likes and comment in picture and videos of our friends and mates. But sometimes you need to save some funny or beautiful pictures of others in your device. In maximum social platform like in Facebook you can easily save any images of your friends. But Instagram has burden for their users in saving others images or pictures directly.

Instagram has become more popular and became very quickly the no.1 social media app for photo/images sharing to see photographs of peoples from every corner of the world. So when scrolling in its interface you might have found a spectacular image or photography which you want to save in your drive to watch later. On Instagram as I have said above you can’t able to save any images but there are many fairgrounds by which you can save photo from Instagram easily.

How to save photo from Instagram

Normally we save any web photos by simply right clicking on the photos. After that a pop up box will appear where you will get the option “Save image”. But the same not works on Instagram. You can’t able to save Instagram images by the traditional way; you have to do save it smartly.

Instagram gives right only to the owner to save his or her photos in the drive as you owns it but it does not allows you to save images of others as you are not the owner of other contents those are posted by others on Instagram. As I have said above that there are some smart ways, so follow the steps to save photos from Instagram.


It is the easiest way to save anything that appears on the web. In windows operating system you can use Snipping Tool to save images from Instagram. Just click on the Snipping tool and drag the cursor to cut the section or part that you need to save.

Beside it there are some extensions that you can add to your browser to take screenshot of any part of web page quickly. Personally I am using Awesome Screenshot extension in my Google chrome browser to save images or any web section in my computer. In Google chrome store there are many extensions by which you can take screenshot or save images from Instagram.

Find image source-view page source

To use this step you need PC or computer to save images from Instagram. This step allows you to locate the source of the image that you are looking to save. Click on the three dots of the image and copy the URL and send the link to your email. Open the email and save the photo.

In other way, click on the view option present on the top of browser and the click on Developer followed by view source (View>Developer>View Source).


Just click on the image that you want to save. When the image opens, right click on the image. A pop up menu will arise; you have to click on View page source.

A new tab will open soon after you have clicked to View page source option. The page that opens will be full of codes. Somewhere in the full page you will get a long line code which includes an extension “.jpg”. This is the image that you are looking to save.

Now left click on the mouse and highlight the full line starting from https:// Instagram to till end .jpg and copy the link.


Paste the link in the browser that you have copied and then click Enter. Page will load and display you the image that you like to save from Instagram. Now by traditional way, right click on the image and then click to “Save image as” to save it to any location of your desktop.

Note:You might be searching for app that allows you to save images from Instagram. It is recommended to avoid those apps as those are fake and gives no guarantee of its work.

So, I think you have understood all the steps that I have shared above to save images from Instagram. There are no any alternative way that to save images form Instagram, so follow step by step and  save any images easily and quickly. If you have any query regarding this topic then you can ping me in the below comment box.

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