Why Is Juicing The Way To Go In 2017?

Why Is Juicing The Way To Go In 2017?

Fitness lovers can relate to the fact why juicing is the way to go in 2017. Not just 2017 and not just fitness lovers, in fact everyone can relate to the fact that juicing is one of the key aspects to stay fit. The good old days of making orange and mango juices are far gone.


Now are the days of mixing one or two fruits and juice them. This is way better than making juices of just one fruit. The reason behind that is that it gives you a different kind of taste and the nutrients level is far better than that those of single fruit juices. It is recommended by most health authority to take six-eight servings of juice every day. Well, now let’s focus on the how juicing is the way to go in 2017.

How Juicing Is The Way To Go In 2017?

Most people don’t realize the fact that juicing is quite important for staying fit and healthy. They prefer other health drinks over fruit juices; these do have some healthy benefits but are not as good as fruit juices. Intake of juices for weight loss is not a new thing but some people are discovering this fact now only. Let’s have a look at the ways.

Cure Stomach Discomforts:

Stomach discomforts are one of the major issues of the today’s peoples. Whenever that happens, people start taking pills or other medicines to get relieved from that. But they don’t understand the fact that this in turn does more bad then doing good. The side-effect might not be visible but they do exist. And sometimes medication doesn’t work either.

Woman with stomach ache

A simple celery juice would do the trick and will help you in getting relived from that. Besides that you even get some healthy nutrients in your system. So which do you think is better, the fruit juice or the Medication? I would surely pick the health juice over the medications. The celery juice will help you to get rid of that problem for that instant. But if it is continued for an extended period then the problem would be solved permanently.

No Expiration Date:

Most of us are ignorant to that fact that all packed juices come with an expiration date. Yes! You read it right. Packed juices come with expiration dates. So the next time you garb a packet of juice make sure that you’ve had a look at the manufactured date.  Apart from that packed juices also have some preservatives and added sugar. These may not seem to be harmful but which type of chemical are not?

expiring date

Instant Juices have no such problems. All that you need to do is squeeze them and you are quite good to go. You can simply keep them in your fridge and have them later. If you think that the juice might get spoiled then you can simply boil it to kill the bacteria that are responsible for this purpose. If the fresh juices are refrigerated properly then they can even last for a week or so.

Weight Loss:

Juicing is great contributor in fat loss. Well, the fact that it doesn’t contain any added sugar and preservative is sole proof of this fact. Not just fat loss, it also helps in relieving hyper-tension and high blood pressure. A study was conducted in 2004; it was revealed that drinking juices of fruits and vegetables in their natural state help is getting rid of these problems.

weight loss

Many fitness experts and trainers even prescribe fruit juices for rapid weight loss. Juices contain the essential nutrients that are required by the body to maintain it. Some people might think that this may make you weak but that depends what and how much you are consuming. Regular intake of juices may also achieve zero drug maintenance.

Well, those are just some of the ways in which juicing is beneficial to us. But what can be used to make these juices? Well, the obvious answer is by using Juicers. There are thousands of juicers available in the market right now but I would recommend you to go for the Hurom Juicers.

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