Pixlr App: Best Photo Editing App Free Download For Android/Pc

Pixlr App: Best Photo Editing App Free Download For Android/Pc

Pixlr App is an online photo editor. It offers a lot of effects such as halftone, dapple, crosshatch and much more. It also provides hundred of the sticker, border, overlay, filter, etc, option to choose from, to create an amazing photo.  Pixlr tool also supports various types of platforms such as android, iOS, and windows. So, Pixlr app can help you to create beautiful pictures and once you are done editing. You can share your beautiful image directly to twitter, facebook, Instagram or any others social networks.Pixlr App

So, this tool is one of the best online image editors. Pixlr also has many features that make the tool attractive. However, to know the features and how to use the tool? Go through this post, where have highlighted the features and other important things that you need to know.

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Best Features of Pixlr App:Pixlr for android

Pixlr provides a lot of effects and tool that is required for editing beautiful images. So, the below points are the features of Pixlr App. Just scroll down slowly and check out the features.

  • You can stylise your photo to look like an ink sketch, pencil drawing, poster and much more.
  • It has the variety of choice for background, spacing and layout to created image or photo collapse.
  • It has a simple tool to removes red-eyes and blemishes of your selfie photo and makes the beautiful photo.
  • You can adjust your photo mood with overlays by adding surreal shades, cool it down and amplify the tone.
  • You can resize your photo easily and quickly after you finish editing photos.
  • It has curves and level adjustment tool which helps to curve the photo.
  • It has wide range of filter for creative effect
  • Logical and clear user interface
  • It has photo sharing facilities, using which you can share your edited picture with your friend via social networks like facebook, twitter, Instagram and email.
  • It has multiple layers that support mask, layer style and blending modes.
  • You can choose your favourite border style and finish off your photo editing process.
  • It has the variety of effects like halftone, dapple, crosshatch, etc. Using these effects you can create beautiful photos.

How To Use Pixlr Image Editor App:Pixlr Free Download

In the below paragraph I am going to show you regarding how to use Pixlr. So, I have highlighted in steps wise so that you may easily follow the process.

  • First, go to Pixlr click the image editor icon
  • After that select the image option and bring image on the main menu of pixlr
  • Now, you can go for various editing panels like you can look for layer panels, navigation panels and History panel tool panels.
  • You can use a lot of selection tools such as crop, lasso tool, move tool, marquee tool and wand tool. According to your needs, you can use any of the selection tools.
  • Now, after you come across the selection tool, use the editing tool. There are lots of editing tools such as eraser, pencil, paint bucket, brush, clone stamp and gradient tool. All the tools you can use when you are required them.
  • Now, use effects and filter tools. In filters and effects, there are a variety of tools such as drawing, bloat, pinch and red eye. Using these tools you can shrink your image area, change according to your need.
  • Use the blending tools according to your required. Blending tools include sharpen, smudge, dodge, burn, blur and sponge tool. Using these tools you can lighten, sharpen, blur on your photo are. You just need to click on the button and then click on your image.
  • Use colours picker tool, hand tool, text tool and the magnifying tool to type words, scroll and magnify your image. You just need to click the button and then click on the editing image.

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Download this app for pc right now and start enjoying all the special features of this app:download Pixlr


These are the free online image editor Pixlr steps to use. In the above, I have also mentioned the features of Pixlr. So, I hope by reading this post, you can now easily use Pixlr App on your Smartphone and PC.

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