How To Protect Pendrive With Password Without Any Software

How To Protect Pendrive With Password Without Any Software

Protect Pendrive With Password:

Nowadays, We all need to use Pendrive or USB drive. It gives us a facility to carry our necessary files with us. Many times situations have arises where we need to carry some important soft copy of a document with us for example, any presentation if you have to give then you don’t need to carry your whole laptop, you can just put the ppt file on a Pendrive and go with it. Now Pendrives are available with a huge amount of storage data.

protect pendrive with password

Pendrives are very portable and smaller in size, that means there is a risk of losing your important data, also if someone borrows your Pendrive without informing you, and it has some confidential files that you won’t want to share with anyone, then it’s a big matter. So to avoid such kind of incidences, it’s better to Protect your Pendrive with Password so that without your knowledge no one can use it.

You can encrypt your Pendrive with a Password without use of any external software. Easily you can Protect Pendrive with a password. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can Protect Pendrive With Password without any third party software.

Tutorial On Encrypting a Pendrive With Password:

Windows 7 or later versions of Windows comes with a feature called BitLocker. It is inbuilt in your Windows PC. So if you have an inbuilt option available with you, so why to use another third party software. Let’s take a look How you can Protect Pendrive with Password using BitLocker.

Protect Pendrive With Password Using BitLocker

To Encrypt your Pendrive with a password follow this-

  • First, insert a Pendrive into your PC and wait until it detects on your computer and after that open My Computer.

protect pendrive with password using bitlocker

  • Now on my computer, you will show your USB Pendrive option. Select the Pendrive and right Click on it. You will find an option there labeled ‘Turn on BitLocker.’ Click on it and a new ‘BitLocker Drive Encryption’ window will pop up.

protect pendrive with password using bitlocker

  • The next thing is to select the checkbox ‘Use a password to unlock the drive’ to create a password. Now Type a password that is easy for you to remember and again retype that password and click Next.

protect pendrive with password using bitlocker

  • Now an option will come up ‘How do you want to store your recovery key.’ Either you can save it to a file on your PC, or you can print that key file.
  • To save the recovery key on your PC, click on it and save it to a location wherever you want on your computer.
  •  After saving the recovery, file click on Next. Then click on ‘start encrypting.’ Note: Do not remove your Pendrive during this encryption process.

protect pendrive with password using bitlocker

  • Now another window will come up on your screen, that will show you a status of the encryption process. It will take some time to finish the encryption process, and it depends on the size the Pendrive. So have patience.
  • After the completion of the Encryption process, you will see a lock sign on the icon of your Pendrive in My Computer window.

protect pendrive with password using bitlocker

  • To Check it how it is work, first, eject the Pendrive from your PC and insert it again. The icon will show up with a lock sign, now click on it. It asks you to enter the Password first to open it. Now just enter the password and open it.

How to Open Pendrive if you forget the Password:

If you forget the password, no worry. You can easily open that Pendrive using the Recovery key you saved on your PC earlier.

  • First, insert your Pendrive on your PC and click on the Pendrive icon and then click on ‘I forgot my password.’
  • A new window will come up to ask you type the Recovery key. Click on it and now open the recovery file and copy the ‘Bitlocker Recovery Key’ and paste it. Now click Next.
  • Now you have temporary access to your Pendrive. You can reset your Password by clicking on ‘Manage BitLocker.’
  • Now Click on Finish, and you will be able to open your Pendrive.

It’s a very simple task, right? You can easily do it. That’s the simple and easiest method of Encrypting your Pendrive With a Password. Also keep your Pendrive protected from malware. Because, if the drive gets virus infected, your password protected Pendrive contents will be no more any good-to-use.

As the safety and protection of your Pendrive are concerned, you must keep your drive always malware-free. Use valid anti-virus on your PC and keep your Pendrive scanned regularly. On an awful time, if your Pendrive gets infected (by shortcut viruses), you may use Shortcut Virus Remover, and your contents will be safe.

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