5 Best Beautiful Lock Screen App for Android Device

5 Best Beautiful Lock Screen App for Android Device

Lock Screen app: Owning an Android device or Phone, locking your screen is one of the most important things that you will need. You can save many file and data in your Phone or android device which are sensitive and you must want to keep is private. And as a phone is a common device, it can be used by any of your friends and colleagues. So for that reason, the manufacturer of the phone or android device always come with the default lock screen facilities.

But here, as we all knows the default inbuilt android lock system always resembles every device. And the manufacturer does not make any new design for the lock system and thus the look remains very uncoolly. Here in this article below, we are going to reveal some of the best ways by which you can easily get a very good looking lock screen system.

Lock Screen App

Top Beautiful Lock Screen App for Android Phone and devices

When you use any android device, you will come across with many tools and inbuilt system which you can never make changes according to your need. Particularly, about the Android Lock Screen system. So for that functions, users need to download a new lock screen app from the third party.

Well, it is also very clear that when you search for the Lock screen app on the internet you will find out lots of apps which might not be of your style. And thus if you are looking for the beautiful and awesome looking Lock Screen app, keep reading the below top 5 list of Lock screen App.

  1. Lock Screen & AppLock SecurityLock Screen

Lock Screen & AppLock security is a very popular app for the lock screen. Here you will not only secure the lock screen of your device but also you can create a new and beautiful look screen theme. No matter what your current device look system is secured but you won’t get a desired theme for the look screen.

So here we go, this app is the best looking lock screen app. some of the features that you are getting in this app are like- Secured Lock system, Well-designed Wallpaper theme, DIY lock screen editor for a custom pattern or pin security, Easy notification etc.


  1. ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock ScreenZUI Locker

ZUI locker app is also another lock screen app from our top list. Here you will find the best security lock facility along with the beautiful touch. When you lock the phone screen using this app, you will expose a beautiful looking theme or wallpaper in your background. This app have feature like Excellent UI for best-looking wallpaper or theme, Customization for making any change in the locking system as you can switch to pattern or pin or swipe methods, safe and secure: as your phone is tried to unlock by any strangers then the phone will automatically lock and can only be unlock using the user’s Email id and finally the utility- here in this app you can control the music player and other multimedia functions.


  1. Butterfly lock screenButterfly lock screen

When we discussing the good looking lock screen app, the Butterfly Lock screen app is one of the perfect choices for you. As there is a default theme and will be useful in both lock as well as wallpaper of your screen. And this app will help you to get the phone lock automatically without making any changes in your device setting. And some of the best and unique features of this app are like- it supports pin password or pattern lock for lock security in your phone. It also let you customise your own unlock text, device name and operator name which will be displayed on the screen. And most importantly many wallpapers of different choice are available in the apps.


  1. AppLock – Lock ScreenAppLock

This is another best-featured app for lock screen security along with beautiful and creative looks. Some of the feature of this app are like-App Lock, PIP Lock Screen, DIY Locker, Pattern Locker, HD Wallpapers, Quick Launch Apps, Phone boost, Lock Screen Plugin. And under the plugins you can set or watch the Weather, Calendar and Classic Game.


  1. VaultVault

The Vault is the lock screen app which you can get all the security locking system and also you can particularly hide and lock any file of your phone. This is a very good lock screen app, which you can use the pin security system on any file or apps you want on your phone. The features of this app include- hide & protect photo, videos and SMS, contacts & call log protection, private browser, cloud backups, Data transfer and password recovery.


How to Download the Lock Screen App in your Phone or Android device

To download the Lock Screen app in your phone is very easy. We all have the play store app on our Android phone and using this app store for android, you can easily download it. But there is also another alternative way for downloading these apps.

Easy ways to download the Lock Screen App are as follows-

  1. Go to the PlayStore App in your phone
  2. Type and Search for the App which is discussed above
  3. Now click on Install button shown on the screen and wait to get download and install. This process might take a few minutes depending on your internet speed.
  4. Voila! your download is complete and starts using the app on your phone.

Note: you can also try the other way to download and install the Lock screen app using the Apk file. Go to the Google search for the official Apk format for the app and download it.


So these are the list of top Lock screen app which you must have one in your phone. As discussed above, all these apps are for locking the screen but here you are getting more awesome features and security. Once installed, just keep it update which will help you unlock more features and function. Hope you find this article useful, we are hoping your point of view and comments. And also keep visiting our site for more interesting fact and ideas about the latest trends for apps and android device.

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