Download WiFi File Transfer Pro Android/PC

Download WiFi File Transfer Pro Android/PC

While most of people’s choices are Shareit and Xender for personal sharing files, Wifi File Transfer brags of most credits in professional and office works. However, this file transfer app is equally convenient in personal usage as well. Wifi file transfer pro is certainly an efficient tool, especially for wireless file transfer on multiple PC computers or phones.

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There is also free version of Wifi file transfer available. But the free one comes with limited feature and is unable to transfer more than 5MB at once. So, it is better to get the paid version as it cots Rs. 59 only.


Wifi File Transfer Pro : Features and Needs

Now, if you are looking for a tool which lets you to share files anywhere and anytime with no network connection, this is not the thing you may try. Well, we require different things for different purposes. So, it won’t be wise if you compare Wifi file transfer pro with other widely used file sharing apps such Xender and Shareit.

Wifi File Transfer pro

While other file sharing apps works too handy for personal usage; Wifi file transfer pro on other hand can be used in both personal and office fields. The app lets you to transfer multiple files of various sizes with multiple dives at once. Supports on Smartphone, Tab, and Laptops; you can get your sharing work done whenever required in ease.

Here is one important thing to keep in mind; this app can be useful only when your devices are connected under same Wifi network. While connecting your devices, you will be asked for IP address of the Local Area Network (LAN).


The key features of this wireless file transfer medium can be listed out in the below given manner.

1: Upload and download several files at the same time.

2: Using Google Chrome browser, it allows uploading an entire folder structure.

3: The app allows copying, renaming, deleting, zipping and unzipping files.

4: The app is compatible with Windows PC, iMac, Linux etc.

5: Password authenticable.

6: Get in to various directories like video, music and photos through shortcuts.

7: You can view your photos of your phone device directly from web browser.

8: Set and Autostart when connected with LAN.

9: The service works even in the hotspot mode.


How to Install and Connect with Wifi

Downloading and installation of Wifi file transfer pro can be done within a minute. Visit to the Google Play App Store and search for the app. For free version, proceed with tapping “Install” button and then “Accept”. Once the app is successfully installed, you can find it in the app drawer of your phone or in the Home screen. For, you will need to pay for it. Tap on the button that show the price of it, and then choose your paying methods and so on.

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Once the app is launched, begin with your sharing thing with the following instruction.             Reminding you once again, make sure that your devices are connected within the same Wifi network before you begin to transfer.

Step 1: After confirming the Wifi connection, open your Wifi file transfer app. Now hit the “Start” button in its window.

Step 2: Once the Start button is tapped, it will provide an IP address and port which connects with computer browser. Thus, a web interface will appear on your desktop which indicates the final connection of your phone and PC.


How to Transfer files?

PC to Phone: Once the Wifi File Transfer web page is opened, click on the “Select Files” button. Navigate your desired file through the file manager and click on it. Now click on “Start upload” option and wait until it’s completely uploaded.

Phone to PC: From the desktop browser, locate your desired files and select them. Now, click on the “Download” alternative. You can individually select the files or in zipped mode for downloading.

Download Media: Downloading media files are even easier. Simply click on the tab of Media gallery and select your files. Finally click to “Download”.


In this process mentioned above, you can transfer everything you wish. Wifi File Transfer Pro provides you the best you can get. And trust me; the bucks you have spent on this wireless file transfer app won’t go in vain. In fact, you may earn more than what you have spent with Wifi File Transfer Pro. Stay connected. 🙂

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